We chat with the sensational 19-year-old Hispanic singer-songwriter who is igniting the scene with their scintillating blend of genres.

Sensational 19-year-old Hispanic singer-songwriter, Ayla, is igniting the music scene with their scintillating blend of jazz and R&B. Hailing from Spain, Ayla’s enchanting journey began at a young age, enchanting audiences with her soul-stirring vocals and playful lyrics.

Drawing inspiration from musical luminaries like Kali Uchis, Etta James, Destiny’s Child, MARINA, and Lana del Rey, Ayla effortlessly fuses the velvety allure of jazz with the infectious rhythms of R&B, forging a sound that’s succinct and unique.

When not crafting new musical gems in the studio, Ayla graces local stages and festivals with her magnetic performances, leaving a profound mark on the city’s artistic landscape. With a determination to make waves in the industry, Ayla is positioned to conquer hearts worldwide with their extraordinary voice and undeniable flair.

Elevate your senses with Ayla’s second single “Attraction”, an opulent journey through jazz, blues, Latin, pop, rock ‘n’ roll, Motown, and soul. A star on the rise, Ayla’s melodies are destined to to make astronomical waves within the industry.

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Who and what inspires you to create?
I inspire myself to make music. There are some singers such as Arianna Grande, Amy Winehouse, who I aspire to make music like but my inspiration wasn’t created because of a singular person.
What inspires me to make music is the way that music creates an atmosphere, music touches people’s hearts and strips of the layers of a person it tells stories and forms new ones, people can link music to memories, feelings or nostalgia and that in itself is what has always made me want to make music.

How did you first begin writing and making music?
I began making songs and writing my own material when I was 15 after watching an Amy Winehouse documentary, I looked at what she was doing and her work and decided that’s exactly what I wanted for myself.

How has your Spanish background impacted your artistry and creative outlook?
My Spanish background has linked me to music due to the fact that Spain is a country of music and dance I tend to listen to Spanish songs and copy its beat for my own music I always incorporate parts of Spanish music within my own even if its subtle, I think its impacted my music as its created a unique sound that shows small hints of a Spanish tone yet still being pop.

How would you define the essence of your style?
The essence of my style I would say is pop girl, very similar to Sabrina Carpenter or Ariana Grande mixed into one, I am quite bubbly and extroverted and it fits with my music, I tend to dress in a lot of barbie type outfits I think the more I’m in the industry the more that it will be its own personality that is attached to the music.

How important is individuality to you in your art?
I think individuality is important, to be an artist you need to be recognised as your own brand otherwise people won’t know who you are when your name is said. Taking inspiration from others is crucial and helps form your music and your own individual style but to a certain extent.

Who are your three dream collaborations?
My three dream collaborations is Ariana Grande (if it isn’t already obvious), I love her music it has tones of RnB with a Britney Spears feel and I’m a massive fan of her music because of it. Lady Gaga, she is a strong and powerful person with a very unique sound I think collaborating with her would force my music to be transformed into something completely unique. And lastly Beyonce, she’s also a massive success in the industry and her music is so heartfelt for many she’s got a massive fanbase and making music with her would introduce a new variety of people into what would be my fanbase.

How do you feel looking back on your debut release, “Good Vibrations”
I think good vibrations is good but I can do better I think for a debut its ok it isn’t entirely me as at that point I was trying to find my style but it is helping me create better music so for that I don’t dislike it. I originally created it in my bedroom at 4 in the morning because of a college project, after a while I feel in love with it and sent it to my producer. We then both worked on it for about 2 days and kept trying to make a positive atmosphere in the studio to make sure the song actually could help with good vibrational energy and all that sort of thing.

Talk us through the creative process of your sophomore release, “Attraction”?
Attraction is about the law of attraction, It talks about desires, beauty and love and collecting it and making it come your way. And already having all your wishes come true. It means you radiate attraction.

Do these two singles hint at your future artistic direction?
I don’t think they necessarily do purely because those two songs where the first thing I created and put on Spotify I wanted to lay some seeds down before really creating a story and linking songs to each other.

Where do you want to take your artistry? What are your career goals?
I want to become a big artist that is my career goal, it’s quite a goal to have but I would like to be on big stages with thousands of people singing my songs, I want to impact people and hopefully bring back the Britney Spears type of pop singer.

What’s to come from you this year?
This year I have 2 songs that I haven’t released yet both dance songs one is both in English and Spanish which Is the way Will be writing songs in the coming future and will incorporate both languages into my music, loads of gigs in different parts of the UK and Galicia , a story created with different songs that link together, I am going to be trying to brand myself better as a pop singer and create as many songs as I can.