From Stardust to Soundwaves: the polymath charts her own path in the universe of music, fashion and lifestyle.

You know the feeling you get, the first time you listen to a song that really resonates with you? And how you simply have to play it over and over again?

There´s something unique about that sensation, something that is powerful enough to change our mood, make us forget whatever was troubling us before the music started playing, and take us on a journey to a space where everything just feels better.

I´ve felt this a few times, but somehow it always feels like the first time when it happens, when an artist is able to truly connect with you, without having to do much else but what the artist does best.

The first time I listened to Leia Contois I instantly knew: she is much more than a name we have been hearing more and more about, as she continues making waves on the electronic music scene; She is actually a tremendously inspiring and multi-talented person with a gift for making you feel free as soon as the beat drops and her hook sinks in.

An accomplished DJ, model, producer, and independent spirit, her story is a testament to artistic authenticity and a tireless pursuit of her dreams. Her journey, has taken her from the small town of Victorville, California, to the highly prestigious music venues worldwide; Having performed in the most exotic destinations from Tulum to Fiji and at the most exclusive parties from The Hamptons to Tel Aviv, London, Capri, Ibiza and Mykonos.

An Artist in the Making

Music was an integral part of Leia’s life from an early age. Growing up in Northern California, she immersed herself in song, dance, and the euphoria of performance with the group Shenanigans. These formative years of exploration honed her musical sensibilities and set the stage for her future.
Life took an interesting turn when she pursued a degree in Interior Design & Architecture at The Art Institute of California. However, the universe had other plans when on a trip to LA, she was scouted by a top-tier modeling agency. Suddenly, Leia found herself strutting the catwalks for big fashion houses like Fendi, Chanel, and Vivienne Westwood. But the rhythm and melody that resonated within her couldn’t be ignored.

The Journey from Red Rocks to the Metaverse

Leia’s path through the music cosmos is one of dazzling originality. With performances spanning from the electrifying Red Rocks amphitheater to an innovative avatar-guided concert on the lunar surface in the Metaverse, her career is a constellation of stellar milestones.

After the widespread critical acclaim that her single “Start Over” with Damian Lazarus and Gorgon City amassed, Leia felt compelled to continue creating and connecting with her audience.

“The Sound”, her latest release in collaboration with the legendary Todd Terry, is a testament to Leia’s fearless and experimental approach to music. She recalls the thrill of finding out Terry wanted her vocals as the lead: “I truly had so much fun singing this song and I love how it came out!”

Transcending traditional music scenes, Leia has ventured into the Metaverse. This groundbreaking performance, where her avatar DJed from a custom-built booth nestled in a moon crater, showcases her boundary-pushing spirit. Yet, it echoed her belief in music’s power to unite, offering an inclusive, interactive experience for fans to virtually race around while enjoying her live performance.

Leia’s journey is more than just about changing the status quo and charting new territories in music and fashion. As an independent artist who has decided not to sign with a label or management, she emphasizes authenticity and control over her creative direction.

“It’s definitely A LOT of work managing my brand completely on my own,” Leia admits, “but I love being my own boss, the talent, and the creative director.” Despite the relentless pace that comes with her successful career, Leia´s devotion to her fans and her commitment to creating music, and manifesting her artistic vision remains unwavering. It’s who she is.

Leia is always looking ahead. In this interview with Wonderland Magazine She teased some exciting new releases with Francis Mercier, Local Singles, Cristina Lazic, and Layla Benitez. Besides, she has plenty of DJing and singing shows in America and Europe on the books already with more to come. Spanish-language music is also on the horizon, with Bad Bunny, Rosalia, Shakira, and J Balvin topping her list of dream collaborators.

From a breathtaking campaign in Times Square for fashion brand Penny Lane to her ambitious touring schedule and latest singles, Leia Contois is an unstoppable force that continually pushes the boundaries of music, fashion, and lifestyle. Her journey offers an insightful glimpse into a true artist’s mindset, relentlessly crafting a unique orbit in the music universe and beyond. Follow her on Instagram here, and check her music out here.