The design house unveils their newest satchel bag, a sleek and timeless accessory that will carry you from day to night.

FENDI has introduced a new bag and it is leather craftsmanship at its best. Inspired by the pure lines of the Women’s Autumn/Winter 2023-24 Collection, the C’mon is both intricate and minimal in its design. With a rounded silhouette and delicate yet angular detailing, it is the perfect combination of soft and strong.

The satchel is available in three sizes, each with their own defining characteristics. While the largest size features a smooth leather flap that extends slightly longer than its body, the Nano version offers a loop on the back — able to turn into a belt bag. Sitting in the middle is the Small size, the Goldilocks of the family.

Timeless and seasonless, the C’mon is built and designed to last forever, accompanying you from day to night for years and years. With a removable and adjustable strap, several colour options, and sleek aesthetic, the possibilities are endless.

The FENDI C’mon is now available in FENDI boutiques worldwide and online.