The electro-pop star stops by to talk us through her debut LP, track-by-track, delving into its meaning and concepts in the process.

Rising star Tiggi Hawke has, since emerging in the industry, become quickly renowned for her ethereal, dazzling interpretation of electronic pop. She has just released her highly anticipated debut album, Ascension, a characterful, well-crafted and charismatic body of work that elevates her acclaim to new-found heights.

Balancing the tendencies of hazy dream pop with consuming electronic palettes, Hawke encapsulates an atmosphere in a way few pop albums have managed this year, with standout out tracks like “Pity Party” and “Cry Baby” augmenting her position within the wider scene.

To celebrate the release of the new album, Tiggi stopped by to talk us through the LP, track-by-track, delving into the meaning and wider concepts of the project in the process.

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‘V838 (intro)”
The opening to the album and the literal view into the world that it was made in, I love this track for it’s sonic and visual theme-setting as well as being the collaboration with System Sounds using the music from V838 throughout.

This is the first single that came out and it was very symbolic to me, it really signaled the start of something new and a creative freedom I didn’t have before. I feel like this song really pulls a parallel between my internal journey in making this album and itself.

“Pity Party”
Another one close to my heart, this is a track about letting yourself feel your emotions and not running away from them, even if those feelings are less than ideal. Because sometimes having a pity party is very necessary and very healthy.

“Be Fine”
You know when things are over and you’re convinced things are going to be fine and you’ll be friends forever like nothing ever happened? I’m still unsure if this one is wishful thinking or not, watch this space!

In essence, a panic attack disguised as a song. I’m pretty sure I’ve said most, if not all of these lyrics during a panic at some point so that might make this one the most honest song out of the bunch…

“Cry Baby”
…Which would make this one the meanest of the bunch. Imagine a song filled with sarcasm that’s hiding the pain in a relationship and you’ve got Pity Party. Oh, and Moss Kena sings like an angel.

When numbness rules and makes you feel like a machine, Human steps in. Coming from all the times when I’ve felt myself living in a flat-lined existence and desperate to feel the highs and lows of being human again

“Saturday Night”
It’s Saturday night, you’ve had a rough week one way or the other and it’s gotten to you. But are you going to sit around tonight and drown yourself in it? Not on “Saturday Night”’s watch.

“Ascension (outro)”
The bookend to the album and “V838″’s slightly brighter twin, “Ascension” brings the title of the album to life and features the sultry sounds of a thermamin (one of my favs!), I hope you love it like I love it!