The rising dark pop group deliver a genre-bending and emotive new single.

Emerging from the vibrant Bay Area music scene, rising dark pop band, Decant, delivers a sonic gem with their latest single, “Offshore”. Decant’s genre-bending prowess is showcased in this synth-oriented track that delves deep into themes of self-perception and identity.

“Offshore” invites listeners on a journey of self-affirmation amid feelings of social disconnection. This is expertly conveyed through rich lyrics and an expansive sonic landscape.

Speaking on the project, band member, Freddie Bytheway explains, “This song is in 9/8 and unusual time signatures are always a fun challenge and an opportunity to try and write something that makes the complexities seem effortless. More than most this is a song of metaphors; an ocean is the epitome of a vast distance, awesome and dangerous, and what is the notion that has created this space inside my home?”

Emotive vocals lead the single, guiding us through a post-apocalyptic soundscape, drenched with mesmerising electronic rhythms. The heart of the song lies in its chorus, repeated with immense passion, “You are everything you want.” For those seeking a unique and captivating sonic experience, look no further than Decant and their captivating single, “Offshore.”

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