The multi-faceted Californian musician and producer, delivers his latest electric dance single…

Matt Barri,the Californian musician and producer, delivers his latest single “Orbiter”. The track is a hypnotic offering, set to make huge waves within the electronic dance scene.

Matt Barri’s musical journey began at the ripe age of 4, proving his dedication and nurture to crafting his profound sound. Since then, he has blossomed into an extremely well-rounded artist, balancing and utilising his full array of skills as a songwriter, producer and DJ.

“Orbiter” starts off with a bang, followed by a trademark chorus, that juggles relaxing and high-energy elements, truly giving equal shine to both punchy yet soothing sounds. Pulsating drums and shimmering synths are front and center, creating a track that is both uplifting and optimistic, while still leaving room for lyrics that provide a hint of frustration and melancholy.

Matt Barri explains the motive behind the single further offering, “Orbiter is about love addiction. I wrote it when I was in an extremely toxic relationship. I felt stuck and stagnant but I could feel the gravity of everything pulling me in all the time.”

This exceptional, high quality track is a magical listening experience and truly sets aside Matt Barri from the rest.

Watch the lyric video for “Orbiter” now…