We had the opportunity to speak with the sustainable brand’s founder about its inception, strong ethos and mission, and the endless possibilities of its future.

Miami-based designer Gabriela Mershad’s Mershy is more than just a brand. It is a world. Born out of her own journey of self-discovery, finding her inner creativity and reaching into all of the untapped parts of her potential, Mershy is a part sustainable clothing line, part artistic community dedicated to connecting the mind, body, and soul. Created for dreamers and freethinkers, the pieces feature intricate details inspired by the natural world, yoga and dance, and Gabriela’s own drawings.

Growing up in the Midwest as an equestrian, Gabriela began working in fashion PR upon moving to Los Angeles after university. During this time, she quickly developed a love for helping small brands and subsequently found a hole in the market — which Mershy beautifully filled. “[Mershy] came out of my healing and trying to figure out who I was after being so tied up in a single identity for so long, which was being an equestrian,” she explains. “I was working through my demons and figuring out who I was and where I belonged in this world. The brand really came from me wanting to know who I was — and then wanting to scream at the top of my lungs to everyone that they can also be more than they think. Even if you don’t feel like an artist or a creative, even if you’re in a slump, you can come out of it and find beauty in the world and within yourself and see your infinite potential.”

Following her newfound sense of self and fresh view on spirituality, she embarked on creating a brand that would reflect her perspective through every stage of the creative and production processes. With a commitment to the planet, Mershy is completely transparent in their textiles and supply chain. Using recycled materials and organic fabrics and supporting all individuals involved in the production process, the brand is entirely free from exploitation of the planet and its people, champions international artisans, and empowers small businesses. “The sustainability came after the launch of my brand, but they really went hand in hand,” she tells me. “Once I got in touch with my higher self, I wanted to make sure that everything I created was aligned with those new values that I had. I didn’t want to create anything other than products that were aligned with this perspective that I have on myself and the world.”

Finding manufacturers and ensuring a completely ethical and sustainable supply chain can be daunting for an emerging brand, and for Gabriela, it was one of the hardest parts of the journey — though also the most rewarding. “It was really difficult to find the right suppliers who were also able to cater to small brands with small quantities. I wanted to find someone to help make tech packs and samples that I would then bring to factories, and she actually ended up being somebody that was really interested in sustainability and bio materials. She got her Master’s degree at CSM for biomaterials and had that knowledge on how to bring sustainability into the supply chain. And so when I met her everything just aligned.” Getting in touch with a small mother-daughter-owned factory in Tbilisi and Georgia, creating a “Meet Your Makers” page on the website to increase supply chain transparency, and committing wholeheartedly to social and environmental sustainability, they ensured Mershy’s production process reflected its mission statement.

Another fascinating page on the Mershy website, which certainly differentiates the fashion brand from others, is the “Muse” section. A look into her journal entries and the inner workings of her mind, it really brings you into the world of Mershy and allows you to completely lose yourself in it. Speaking on this, Gabriela explains: “It’s kind of the way that I see the world and also the way that I want to be seen. I tried to create something that has so much love and joy and a really unique energy. And I want people to feel that when they go in. It’s almost like when you’re listening to an album and you get sucked into that artist’s world for a little bit. I wanted it to feel like that — not just that I’m selling a garment. I really wanted it to be this whole experience, this whole community, where you’re stepping into a new space. It’s really much more than the clothing. The clothing is just a medium of how I want to express how I see the world.”

“I saw that there were so many brands out there that were just creating, but I didn’t necessarily understand what they were about or who they are,” she continues. “I want people that wear Mershy to feel like they’re part of something bigger. And that they can trust what they’re wearing isn’t doing harm to the planet and that, you know, I have the same beliefs as them. I always say it’s for soul searchers and deep thinkers. It’s for the people that are trying to find themselves and find their place in the world through spirituality and getting in touch with nature. And I really want to make them feel, when they look at Mershy, that they’re at home, they’re not alone.”

And Mershy truly is for all. Completely genderless, the collections are fluid, expressive, intuitive, and ever changing. The newest capsule collection, “Magic”, experiments within the existing world of the brand, evoking childlike wonder and your inner creative spirit. “This collection I made is more of a whisper of the subtleties that I see in nature,” she explains. An example? “The magic shorts mimic the inner frills of a mushroom.” Genius.

Moving forward, Gabriela has endless ideas for Mershy’s future: continuing to use innovative materials, bringing more of her art into the brand, and creating a physical space to bring the digital world to life. She lights up as she discusses the people and companies she could partner with to create pop up events, such as a yoga company her friend works at, a tattoo artist who shops the brand, and a chef she follows who could make beautiful Mershy-inspired food.

In terms of customer goals, however, she’s already checked off her bucket list. “It’s actually funny because Sza was my dream person to wear Mershy. And she just recently wore it, which was the most exciting. So I think I need to work on a new list, because I feel like in the past few weeks, I’ve gotten a lot of my dream people wearing the brand!”

Sending out positive energy, it is no surprise she’s getting it right back. We cannot wait for what’s to come next.

Left: Doja Cat wearing Magic Gloves in Cloud
Right: Sza wearing Magic Pant and Ring Top in Jade

Left: Doja Cat wearing Magic Gloves in Cloud
Right: Sza wearing Magic Pant and Ring Top in Jade
Left: Doja Cat wearing Magic Gloves in Cloud
Right: Sza wearing Magic Pant and Ring Top in Jade

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