Get to know Swedish R&B artist that’s taking the alt-scene by storm, and stream her electric new single…

Swedish rising star, Gabi Goldman, unleashes her sensual new single “Few Good Friends”. This bold new statement follows her debut single “Body Heat”, and is a true testament to Gabi’s daring approach as an artist, and her exceptionally bright future ahead. The new single is a heartfelt ode to those that Goldman holds dear, expressive and ethereal in tone and timbre.

During her upbringing, a continuous flow of melodies filled Gabi’s family home. Her musical influences ranged from Mary J. Blige to The Fugees, Lauryn Hill to Amy Winehouse, and the timeless sounds of soul, blues, and R&B. Drawing strength from genuine and vulnerable songwriting, the artist presents a fresh approach to pop-infused R&B.

Gabi artfully combines slick, sensuous melodies with themes of mental health and self-awareness, resulting in captivating and unforgettable sonic experiences that exude both timelessness and power. With her honeyed, soulful vocals and background as a versatile performer, Gabi is poised to become a rising star in the realm of pop and R&B.. 

On the single itself, Gabi expressed, “It truly stems from the need of having people that love you for you. When you’re at a shitty party and all you want is to drive off with your besties. ‘…a few good friends’. When you’re lost, all you need is a few good friends, easy as that. Why be with people that make you feel sad and lonely when you can be with your best friends.”

Stream “Few Good Friends” now…

We sat down with Gabi to delve into her early love for music, her sophomore single “Few Good Friends” and exciting future plans…

How did you first find your love for music and creation?
Wow, that’s a tricky one. I grew up in a home where there was always music. Never a moment of quiet, except when it was bed time. Unlike my sister I was the one who really took it up, sang along , did my own dances and begged everyone to watch me perform. I can’t count the times my sister screamed her lungs out telling me to shut up. Today she is my biggest fan! When I got older music became something else, something more emotional, something that made me feel a way I can’t really describe.That’s love for me.

How would you define the essence of your sound?
The essence is my authentic self. Growing up listening to Blues, Soul and R&B definitely set the tone. But then I’m a pop girl too, I love a good pop song. I’m drawn to sad and melancholic melodies but love a good story line and a beat that I can shake my body to.

Talk us through the process of creating “Few Good Friends”?
It was a sunny day in LA (shocker) and I got in a room with Jonas (producer Jonas Karlsson), Annika (songwriter Annika Wells) and Jack Newsome. We started talking about the fact that I was fed up with my hometown, people acting up and copying each other, pretending be someone they’re not, so we wrote a song about that. And naturally during the process it became clear how much my real friends matter to me and the importance of having a few real good ones that you can be be your true self with.

What do you want listeners to take from the track?
At the end of the day all you need is good friends that don’t judge you by aesthetics or what you’ve achieved. You don’t have to prove to people who you are and what you’re about. And hey, it’s okay to feel lonely in a setting that you’re supposed to feel happy and blossom in. It’s okay to only want to jump in a car, skip that party and just drive off with your best friends.

What’s to come from you this year?
Music baby… Alongside my visual project that we’re releasing snippets of with every single. The narrative and storyline is all gonna make sense when the whole project is out. It really welcomes you into my world and I’m so excited. Looking forward to do some more visual projects with my music and maybe some collabs. Let’s go!