The Berlin-based artist is back with her label’s highly anticipated third release, a four-track project that leaves its listeners wanting more.

Born in Belfast, Sally C is the Berlin-based artist making waves in the electronic music scene. Weaving together vintage house, hip house, acid, and breakbeat, she has developed her own recognisable, distinctive sound. After learning her craft at Dundee’s legendary Readings Room, a club housed in an old Victorian library, Sally found a likeminded community of artists who pushed and educated one another in their crafts.

Keeping these themes at the heart of all her work, she has remained authentically herself and community-oriented through her growing career. After moving to Berlin, building a fanbase, performing in festivals, and eventually launching her own independent imprint, Big Saldo’s Chunkers, she has truly solidified her influence in the industry.

Following the 2020 debut of “Big Saldo’s Chunkers 001”, Sally C is back with “Big Saldo’s Chunkers 003”. The four-track project opens with a joyous, sexy, dance house banger, “All Love”, before moving into a classic Chunker track, “Hit It”. Next comes “Control”, pulling us into an intricate yet simplistic sound which is as effective as ever. Closing out the project, 144bpm drum-based “Get Up” leaves its listeners wanting more. “I wasn’t sure how this would fit on the record being this speed, but it’s exactly what I envisioned when I wanted to challenge myself more,” Sally explains. “It’s raw and rolling and as soon as I made it, I knew it fitted into the Chunker family.”

Listen to the first chapter of Sally C’s BBC Radio 1 Residency, which serves as a tribute to The Reading Rooms.

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