The Italian rising star is embarking on the UK scene, returning with stunning vocals and enriching harmonies on a new single.

Giorgio Tarantino’s new single “Stay”, is a breath of fresh air within the pop-dance scene, showcasing his stellar talents and relentless ambition. Born and raised in the dreamy region of Puglia, Italy, he brings an international musical background that resonates with audiences worldwide.

With his debut single “Stay” Giorgio presents a captivating blend of alt-pop sounds and purposeful lyrics that effortlessly uplift and empower the listener. Speaking on the track himself, Giorgio explains, “At the end of 2022 I told myself ‘growth’ and ‘improvement’ were going to be the words to describe the coming year. Releasing “Stay” feels like making that pledge come true. The whole meaning behind this track is to never give up, and always hold on to that light and fighting for what really matters: love. Love for someone, for a project, for ourselves. And this is exactly what I am doing. I am confident whoever listens to ‘Stay’ will be able to relate to that feeling”.

This pop-dance anthem is an energetic powerhouse track that delves into the complexities of relationships, while inspiring listeners to never give up on true love. Giorgio Tarantino is a rising star worth keeping an eye on, destined for success in the music industry.

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