The rising Montreal alternative pop act has unveiled a poignant visual for a fan-favourite offering.

Photography by Lindsey Blane

Photography by Lindsey Blane

Montreal-based queer bilingual songstress Maryze has been impressing audiences since her debut 2019 EP “Like Moons”. Her sound is sultry but haunting, merging electronica with pop through effortless nuance, offering pensive and particular lyricism in both English and French. Last summer saw Maryze unveil her enchanting debut album, 8, via Hot Tramp Records, with an accompanying Canadian tour cementing its popularity. The LP saw the singer-songwriter tackle broad, comprehensive themes such as identity, sexuality, family trauma and acceptances, explored atop genre-defiant soundscapes that borrow from a wide array of sounds from emo to hyper pop and folk.

Now, Maryze has returned once again to the release cycle with a music video from one of the album’s most impressive tracks, “Playing Dress-up”. The visuals flow with emotion, hazy and ethereal, shot at a desolate LA beach at sunrise. Co-directed by Maryze alongside Vancouver/LA-based visual artist Lindsey Blane, the video sees the artist reflect the vulnerability of the sonics into the visual direction, delivering a heartfelt, stripped backed version of the track in a intimate yet sprawling manner.

On the video, Maryze comments, I wrote ‘Playing Dress-up’ a decade ago and people always asked about it at shows, but there was never a recording of it till last year. For a long time I played around with filling out the production, but it never felt right. It ended up just being me on piano, and I’m really happy to have a more stripped-down track to portray the way that I start the songwriting process.”

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