Emerging into the indie space back in 2018 with their critically and publicly adorned EP “Hawser”, Arliston have since become recognised as one of the most promising and prolific bands in the London scene. Following their well received debut, the band has unveiled a further two EPs that consolidated their acclaim and began sharpening their stylistic nuance. They have now returned with their fourth project, the clearest showcase of the vitality of their creativity and the effortless appeal of their vibrant sound.

“How In Heaven” is a sprawling, poignant and atmospheric body of work that illustrates the expanding sound palettes and delicate instrumentation of the duo. Pensive in its songwriting and vast in its tone, the EP focuses on the intricacies of loneliness and isolation, bringing their thought-process to the direct source of the existence of such emotions. It’s profound, melancholic and humorous, reflected in the gentle grace of the soundscapes. Lead single “Backwards” is particularly heart wrenching, with its vivid explanation of social alienation and not feeling at home with your surroundings.

Both members shared some thoughts on the EP:

Vocalist Jack said “This EP as a whole is focussed on the theme of isolation. Whether it’s the prosaic loneliness of Montag in Fahrenheit 451, the separation of two people in ‘How in Heaven’, or just the more relatable ‘I don’t know what to say next’ feeling at a party. ”
Producer George said “ We wanted to create a collection of expansive large scale songs, to really demonstrate Arliston’s sonic range. I loved the process of scratching out guide beats and handing those over to our amazing drummers and getting these incredible interpretations back. The whole EP has a really rich seam of grooves running through it full of surprises. At points, it feels almost like Big Beat, but then it dips into more of a shuffle thing.”

Their strongest work to date, we look forward to more fruitful expansion in the sound and style of one of London’s indie pop frontrunners.

Listen to the EP…

ARLISTON · How In Heaven EP