The rising LA starlet delivers her latest searing pop anthem, with an suitably poignant visual accompaniment.

The journey towards the creation of LA-based pop singer-songwriter Madison Margot one has been a winding road. “God Laughs” was born from the conclusion of a intense relationship and a relocation to sunny LA from England where she had began building a life.

It’s her first release for over a year, and she slots seamlessly back into her artistry with the single, a subtly devastating whilst soaringly uplifting number that showcases Margot’s lyrical acumen and dazzling vocal prowess. Driven by hazy guitars and snappy rhythm, we hear the singer at her most emotionally potent, adept at portraying the heart-rendering story that the song revolves around.

Speaking on the single, Margot comments, “I wrote this song about the ending of a beautiful relationship and learning to accept that some things in life are out of our control. You experience this whirlwind romance and have all of these plans for the future; then suddenly, fate intervenes, things change, and you’re forced into a whole different direction. The video is based around the lyric, “This is the age of maturity, walking out of fantasies so grand” and captures the emotion of the song so exquisitely – I am so proud of it! The making of this song and video was one of the most cathartic experiences I’ve ever had and I am so grateful I get to share it now.”

“God Laughs” is accompanied by visuals shot by LA creative Cassie Howell that explore the lyrical themes with gorgeous settings and cinematography.

Take in the video…