Discover the luxury hotel balancing extravagant glamour with contemporary simplicity, blending design styles, and offering guests a whimsical escape in the heart of London.

Sanderson London is a luxury hotel in Fitzrovia, offering guests glorious hospitality and an opulent home away from home. With a cohesive yet diverse blend of design styles, there is a true dichotomy of extravagance and simplicity that runs through the 1950s building. From the lobby to the bars and restaurants to the rooms, a grandiose baroque base is accented with surrealist furnishings and modern touches. Designed by renowned French designer Philippe Starck, it is equally grand as it is clever and whimsical, with classic luxury pieces paired with more contemporary meanings of the word.

Located in the heart of London, the 150-room space is the ultimate spot to experience the city in style. Tim Andreas of Banjo recently reimagined the elegant rooms, transforming them into open concept spaces with seating areas and free standing bathtubs that will make you feel like the guest of honour. If you’re looking for something even more, the Penthouse is an enchanting option. Encompassing the entire top floor, the two-bedroom suite is entered via a private elevator — maximising privacy and glamour all at once.

Elsewhere at Sanderson you can find ten fully bookable event and meeting spaces with the latest audio-visual and telecommunications equipment, as well as rooms for production, wardrobe, makeup, and casting. There are two bars and a restaurant at Sanderson as well — with the glowing Long Bar at the heart of the space and the Purple Bar serving as a decadent, intimate option. The Restaurant at Sanderson London is just off of the Long Bar and offers courtyard terrace setting and exceptional menus.

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Image Credit: Zodee Media

Image Credit: Zodee Media
Image Credit: Zodee Media