The soaring LA-based duo deliver a nostalgic single and announce upcoming festival dates.

ill peach impresses with their latest single, “HEAD FULL OF HOLES,” which showcases their undeniable talent and unique sound. The Los Angeles duo delves into the realm of nostalgia, exploring the many layers to memories and the human desire to hold onto them. With profound lyrics and a captivating sound, ill peach takes listeners on a journey of self-reflection and healing.

The song’s structure is a testament to their artistic growth. Drawing inspiration from legendary bands such as Coldplay and my bloody valentine, ill peach successfully crafts their own mesmerising sonic landscape that enchants the listener.

Speaking on the release, the pair says, “HEAD FULL OF HOLES is about our obsession with nostalgia. This urge to have a tight grip on certain memories. Sometimes the beautiful and the painful ones get distorted because we want to remember them a certain way. We both had experiences like that in therapy this past year. It’s part of the healing journey to decipher between how much of the past is real and how much of it is how we embellished it in our minds. We started writing HFOF when we took our first trip to London. We were listening to a lot of Coldplay, my bloody valentine and Radiohead there. Naturally. And we heard Radiohead talk about the infinite climax in a song so this is us trying that out.”

Alongside their single release, ill peach have announced their upcoming performance at the prestigious Pitchfork Festival London. With their magnetic stage presence and innovative musical style, they are undoubtedly set to make a lasting impact in the industry.

Listen to “HEAD FULL OF HOLES” now…