The two alt-pop artists came together for a magical moment in Los Angeles, and now we get to hear the luscious fruits of their labor, Los Angeles Story.

Indie artists Paul Cherry and Kate Bollinger have paired up for a groovy two-track project, Los Angeles Story. Reminiscent of 70s music with a breezy, summer spin that feels both nostalgic and contemporary, the project is a breath of fresh air. Smooth yet energetic, “OBO” kicks off the two singles with a sultry sweet aura. Written in only a few hours, with production and musical contributions from Jared Solomon, Paul and Kate quickly decided to write a second. Back in the studio the next week, “Playroom” came just as naturally. You can feel that natural energy in the tracks, a whimsical and magical depiction of collaboration in sunny Los Angeles.

“It was so refreshing working with her and Jared and feeling like the three of us were all on the exact same page creatively that week was magic,” says Paul. “I attribute a lot of that quickness to Jared’s amazing proficiency as a producer and everyone’s flexibility in the studio. The songs are whimsical, but also about real things. Kate was looking to buy a car the day we met at Jared’s and she ended up buying the exact car she sings about, the Volkswagen Cabriolet (in blue, not red). I didn’t want these songs to stay in hiding for years in a folder somewhere, and although I don’t sing lead on them, I felt compelled to release them because I am so proud of these two little songs! No choruses needed, they just play themselves through. Nothing more than a cute moment in Los Angeles, we decided to name the project Los Angeles Story.”

Along with the singles, Cherry and Bollinger have released a music video for “OBO”. A playful visual depiction of the sound, it brings early 70s-aesthetics into today’s age. Summery and utterly exquisite, it is truly something special.

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