We hear from Disruptive Vision, the dynamic studio celebrating a new generation of global creativity and championing the disruptors at the forefront of change.

Photography by Joshua J7 Gonzalez

Photography by Joshua J7 Gonzalez

Disruptive Vision is a dynamic studio that celebrates a new generation of global creativity and the disruptors at the forefront of change. With impeccable creative direction, strategy, and design, they have worked with some of the most influential brands and artists of today — from music and media to fashion and beauty to sports.

We hear from Disruptive Vision about their unique outlook and creative approach, their mission to elevate the world, and the DISRUPTIVE by DESIGN project series.

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What inspired Disruptive Vision’s founder, Ryan Fleming, to start the studio?
Disruptive Vision (DV) has been in development since 2018. I have been carefully crafting and building the foundation to not just be another studio, but to be a solution to several missing components in the creative space and process. Through DV we have a chance to elevate creative output and reignite the excitement of collaboration amongst brands, artists, and the creative community. Our launch came at a unique time where the demand for multi-hyphenated, out-of-the box thinkers that understand how to fuse music, fashion, sports, lifestyle, and social media was at a noticeable high.

How does Disruptive Vision differ from other creative studios in the industry?
To start, DV is a creative incubator. We encourage both innovation and imagination. It’s a safe space where we can bring our ideas to fruition, model our vision in any form we choose and break through our comfort zones. Our team of passionate creatives are dedicated to helping our clients reach new heights. We take the time to learn their challenges. We want to position all our clients to engage in conversation and establish a personal relationship with their audience.

What kind of tools and resources does Disruptive Vision provide to its clients?
Our studio offering runs the creative gambit – Creative Direction, Apparel Design + Production, Art Direction, Artist, Producer and DJ Relations, Brand Activations, Brand Development, Brand Partnership Strategy, Consulting, Experiential Events, Graphic Design, Logo Design, Marketing Strategy, Photography, Set Design, Social Media Management + Content, Thought Partners & Ideation, Videography, and Wardrobe Styling.

Can you tell us more about the DISRUPTIVE by DESIGN project series?
DISRUPTIVE by DESIGN is an elevated mixer and project series created by our founders. We were inspired by Virgil Abloh and his continuous intent to share resources to uplift creators. We highlight disruptive artists, creatives, and interactive visual platforms with the intent of creating a safe space amongst like-minded people looking to celebrate, redefine, and transform the creative process.

Who are some of the brands and artists that Disruptive Vision has worked with in the past?
Collectively, our creatives have worked across every major record label on marketing, project management, and creative production. In addition to music, we have worked on day-to-day creative projects with some of the most influential icons and brands of our time to include Nike, Vanity Fair, YEEZY, OVO, Jordan Brand, BET Networks, Pepsi, Bentley, and Kendrick Lamar to name a few.

How does Disruptive Vision help emerging music artists establish a unique lifestyle narrative for their fans?
We have reimagined the creative approach that emerging artists will need by investing in their media production, fashion, lifestyle endeavors, and brand partnership strategy in an entirely new and focused way that with consistency will cut through and allow them to connect with fans in new ways.

How is Disruptive Vision’s approach to artist development different from that of major labels?
We have positioned ourselves to work alongside A&Rs, project managers, and day-to-day managers in the artist development process. The A&R is focused on crafting the best project sonically. The project manager is focused on release planning, budgets, and gathering marketing plans. That leaves a gap, there is no one specifically focused on the highest-level of creative, storytelling, and building an identity across social media and fashion. Our approach is to fill that void by providing a focused platform for high-level creative direction, notable campaign rollouts, and establishing a disruptive footprint early in the careers of emerging talent. This is artist development reimagined with a committed creative investment to support their growth and longevity.

What kind of projects does Disruptive Vision typically take on?
As a collective, we take on projects that we feel passionate about. We like to work with artists and brands that we can creatively build an authentic narrative with as partners and collaborators.

How does Disruptive Vision’s team of designers and creatives work together to bring ideas to life?
We are all about internal collaboration with the common goal of finding the best ideas. Once we secure those ideas we then challenge and push them as far as we can until we land on something completely new and disruptive. The final step is applying the key players for the project to execute and deliver the vision.

How does Disruptive Vision plan to continue supporting the growth and longevity of its clients?
We establish goals for growth and longevity with our clients from the start. We are making a creative investment to build brands and artists by pushing the conversation beyond traditional campaigns and crafting a new narrative that continues to elevate our clients to higher levels in every project we collaborate on.

Can you tell us more about the diverse background of Disruptive Vision’s team members?
In addition to our ethnic diversity, which is very important to us – every member of our team has an extremely unique and one-of-a-kind background of professional and life experience that has shaped our creative team.

How does Disruptive Vision’s work in music, fashion, sports, beauty, and media intersect?
In our creative process we champion that intersection to deliver campaigns that transcend audiences and authentically incorporate a variety of these sectors by our organic storytelling and brand integration where it makes sense.

How does Disruptive Vision utilise interactive visual platforms to enhance the creative process?
Through technology, there are new efficient ways for creatives to collaborate, share ideas, and build new concepts in the same room or remotely. On our journey, we’ve discovered new tools that have allowed us to collaborate with our clients in visual formats from start to finish.

How does Disruptive Vision approach brand campaigns and rollouts?
We approach every rollout with an honest and truthful conversation about where we have been and where are we going. From that point, we can constructively move forward to build what’s next. This sounds simple but it is the most important step to align on. Everything to follow will be based on these truths and the commitment to elevate. Think about it this way, you can’t build an empire on sand, the foundation must be solid.

How does Disruptive Vision’s mission to elevate the world around us manifest in its work?
We push our clients to not only think outside the box but to go places they’ve never gone before. We believe that by introducing and executing new ideas that will inspire and continuously raise the bar within each industry, overtime you will see an elevation of creative and design around the world.

Photography by Joshua J7 Gonzalez

Photography by Joshua J7 Gonzalez

Photography by Joshua J7 Gonzalez

Photography by Joshua J7 Gonzalez