The artist and producer combine for a compelling cut, and stop by Wonderland to discuss it.

When it comes to pushing generic boundaries and challenging their own artistry, singer-songwriter Fiorious is truly paving the way. Previously based in New York City but having now move to Milan, the artist finds a seamless combination of hard-hitting dance floor ready timbre with a smooth and emotionally potent tone. Fiorious is over a decade deep into his esteemed career and is improving with each passing release, with the newest of which showcasing the fruitful first collaboration between the singer and notorious producer Joe Goddard.

Goddard, who first found fam in the noughties with Hot Chip and dance duo The 2 Bears, has unveiled two solo albums of his own, and is amongst the most prolific producers in his field. The pairing is a natural success, with the intricate and immersive “Do It All Again” illustrating both of their artistry and diverse nature. The hypnotic beats and hazy synths of Goddard strive for urgent tranquility, with the reflective nature of Fiorious’ songwriting and his breathy, soaring vocality a compelling and effortless centre-point to the focused and colourful instrumental.

With more collaborations between the pair set to follow later this year, we caught up with Fiorious and Joe to discuss the single, their individual careers, and what’s to come.

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When did you start creating music and how has your sound evolved overtime?
I had been immersed in the music scene in NYC, mostly in the R&B / hip-hop / soul world, gigging around with live bands. But everything changed when I discovered real house music parties and I just felt that was my calling, but bringing my singer-songwriter perspective to it. I moved to Europe to make my own house music and Fiorious was born. 

The combination of your personal and political voice with soulful and optimistic production is so powerful. Is having a strong message something that has always been important to you? 
Politics can never be divorced from ourselves or our art, and the personal is always political, so every choice to confront or evade is also political. The sooner we embrace it, the more people we can reach and impact. 

Can you talk about the inspiration behind “Do It All Again”?
I think intimate, introspective moments on the dance floor are becoming harder and harder to come by, and this one just felt honest and unforced, a reflection of the ease between Joe and I. It’s ultimately about having no regrets, no matter how painful, we all are just searching for the high of loving and being loved

How did you start working with Joe Goddard?
I’ve been a fan of Joe’s for a long time, through Hot Chip, The 2 Bears, his gorgeous solo work, and it’s been a total pleasure working with him. My A&R at Defected knew he was supporting my records and reached out about a collab. We started remotely during the pandemic, but when we finally got into his London studio together, every day seemed to lead to a new song. He’s just a lovely person, and a superb producer in that he gives you the space to put your stamp on a track, making for a true collaboration. 

What was the collaborative process of creating this song like? 
This has been the fastest turnaround, six months, from demo to release date, and that’s really a testament to how naturally things flowed. Sometimes you can love a record but there’s one thing off and you can go back and forth for months and years trying to perfect it, but this one felt good at every stage. We took a few weeks break over the holidays, came back to the song, and were both able to say, ‘she’s ready, let’s put her out into the world!’

With such personal and meaningful lyrics, it is no wonder that your listeners connect so deeply with your music. What do you hope they will take away from the track?
The lyrics are a bit vulnerable, but ultimately hopeful. The idea of risking and failing, loving and losing, but still choosing to take that jump off a cliff again and again.

What can we expect from your future collaborations with Goddard, “Loverboy” and “Flow”?
“Loverboy” is coming up in June on Permanent Vacation and that’s our take on a Patrick Cowley / Sylvester-style dirty disco track, super sexy and fun. “Flow” was the first song we wrote together and remains one of my favourite things I’ve done, another introspective moment, but very joyful. That one will come out in about six months as he begins rolling out his next solo album on Domino. 

Do you have a career highlight thus far?
Still the best feeling I’ve ever had in the music business is getting messages from queer fans about how the ‘I’m Not Defeated’ song and video gave them power and strength and armor to get through the day, nothing else can really touch that.

Is there anything you’re looking forward to with your career?
I’ve been recording heavy for the past few years and am just excited to finally release all these songs and eras I’ve concocted, creating visual stories and performing them and seeing how they connect.  

Joe Goddard

Can you talk about the process of making / inspiration behind “Do It All Again”?
I made the instrumental track in Lausanne whilst on tour with Hot Chip several years ago. At that point my aim was just to write something striking and fun, propulsive and pop. I worked more on the beat back in my studio in London and added layers of synths and drums. 

What was the collaborative process of creating this song like? 
The process was simple and intuitive. I loved the words that [Fiorious] wrote and didn’t question anything that he had written, it felt fully formed and immaculately performed. We didn’t change the track much after that. 

What do you hope listeners will take away from the track?
It seems to me that it offers a hopeful vision of love. 

What can we expect from your future collaborations “Loverboy” and “Flow” with Fiorious? 
“Loverboy” is an attempt to make something in the vein of Patrick Cowley. High energy disco. “Flow” is more of a meditation on mindfulness. 

Are you promoting anything outside of this track that fans can check out now and in the coming months?
There is a new Hot Chip single on the way and several remixes. I have done an extended mix of the new Jessie Ware single that I’m proud of.