From gorgeous sadness to throwback R&B and jungle anthems, this week’s list is stacked!

Labrinth ft. Billie Eilish – “Never Felt So Alone”

Collaborations don’t come much more fruitful than this. Icon Labrinth has once shown his star power, enlisting the pinnacle of modern pop Billie Eilish for a heart rendering, quietly dazzling single “Never Felt So Alone”. The chemistry between the two is second to none, with both illustrating their ability to grab the listener through simplicity and skill. A song that slips through sadness into introspection, it’s a gorgeous and powerful number that is understated and all encompassing, with the limitless talent and creativity of the pair clear to behold.

Mahalia – “Terms & Conditions”

Leicester born R&B frontrunner Mahalia is a sonic and lyrical chameleon. The announcement of her sophomore album comes with much anticipation after the soaring success of her debut LIVE AND COMPROMISE, and with it we are blessed with the teasing single “Terms and Conditions”. The new track sees Mahalia deep in her old school R&B bag, unleashing a number that is well fitted to late night lounges and dance floors alike. Atop the vibe-laden instrumental, Mahalia spews a narrative of expectations from a romantic partner with grace, charisma and reflection.

Musa Masa – “Whatever I Want”

Mura Masa is untouchable at this point. Leading the wave of forward thinking producers into a new age of creativity and evolution, Masa has sharpened his craft like few others, with his eclectic sound proving endlessly impactful and versatile. His latest effort “Whatever I Want”, released on his own label Pond Recordings, is the latest showcase of his experimentation. Taking influence from jungle, jersey club and break core, it’s an anthem cut that continues to prove Mura Masa to be one of the finest producers of his generation.


US rapper NF is continuing to shape his own legacy. The multi-platinum rapper is back with his fifth studio album HOPE, which is perhaps his most impressive achievement to date. Throughout the album, we find NF at his thoughtful best, with raw narratives that reflect on his mentality, career and personal life. Visuals for stand out track “HAPPY” accompany the unveiling of the album, with NF’s eye for creativity across media fields burgeoning with each passing drop. Provoking and intelligent, HOPE is an impressive portrayal of self.

Paris Texas – “Panic!!!”

Paris Texas release an energetic and unrestrained music video for their newest single “Panic!!!”, hacked off their forthcoming debut album. To give us a taste of the song, Louie Pastel and Felix previously released a trailer and preview dubbed “season 2” of Paris Texas’ music. It was worth the wait, as the video directed by Bradley J. Calder and Neema Sadeghi follows the band through a spirited and boisterous mosh pit to match the song’s frantic and invigorating energy. Our view of the music video ends with the otherworldly artists riding slowly through the streets of Los Angeles in an 80s sedan while we are treated to a teaser of an unreleased song. Following the standalone release of “cyanide” in 2022, “Panic!!! alongside the promise of their debut album finds the pair back at the forefront of musical conversation and we are here for it!  

Santino Le Saint – “I Would If I Could”

Laying it all bare, Brixton singer-songwriter Santino Le Saint grants us an unadulterated and captivating passage into the depths of his mind with “I Would If I Could”. As tempting as it might have been to digress back to his well-known and much-loved unique fusion of R&B, Rock, Pop and Trap, the gifted artist takes music back to its bare bones with just him and his guitar, “No gimmicks, no games”. A quintessential part of the artist’s musical process for this single was to unearth heartbreak in a beautiful acoustic ballad, that captures the pain of longing for someone who is no longer there. Santino Le Saint’s newest release is a vessel of tender and heart-warming originality and is definitely worth the listen.

Piers James – “Boop”

There will never be an end to Piers James’ chart appearances and his newest single “Boop” is worthy enough to have him there permanently. With “Showbiz”, “K.K.O” and “Cha Ching” under his belt the gifted artist tricked us into thinking it couldn’t get any better. However, with its eclectic mix of classic hip-hop and commercial rap ‘Boop’ is sure to be another hit as the star inject the single with his sonically charged playful nature and classic storytelling. In addition to the intoxicating beat “Boop” is filled with sentimental lyrics and speaking on the track he states: “Boop” is about stepping into your power and knowing your worth. As an artist we face many challenges along the way but remembering to enjoy the journey, taking the wins and losses as they come and remembering who you are, where you came from & why you got into this music game.”. Pier’s James possess unlimited talent and potential and “Boop” is further proof of this.

L.A.X – “Zaza”

Loading up the vibes, Lagos musician L.A.X unveils new single “Zaza”. Have you got your dancing shoes on? It’s difficult not to get out of your seat with his unmatched energy courtesy of his zagging rhymes and a summery production. His universal sound has earned him the crown of the ambassador of vibes for his reputable blend of Afrobeats, Afropop and Amapiano. ‘Zaza’ is his last calling before his forthcoming album ’No Bad Vibes’ which is scheduled to arrive just in time for summer.

nineteen97 – CHROME II

Born in 1997, nineteen97 shaped his musical DNA on pioneering album’s to come out of the UK, The Streets’ A Grand Don’t Come For Free and Dizzee Rascal’s Boy In Da Corner. 26 years later, he calls on Capo Lee and Reek0 – two trailblazing artists in the current scene – for his own heater with “PSA”. Identified as the final chapter of the phase one of the nineteen97 entity, today he arrives with CHROME II, a 6-track EP that defines the sounds of everything he immersed himself in growing up between Coventry and Birmingham.

TEll A ViSiON – “Cross the Lines”

Hailing from Hamburg, the genre-bending TEll A ViSiON puts her flair on display for all to see with latest release “Cross the Lines”. A joint effort between the nascent maverick and rapper Brother May – what results is a layered, entracing fusion of trip hop, rap, with a post-punk tinge. TEll A ViSiON’s defiant vocals are filtered through a landscape of glitchy, shrill synths, while groove-inducing percussion punctuates the track. Brother May’s bars are just as stellar, with his captivating London twang acting as the perfect addition to the song. In a process of “Evolution not revolution”, TEll A ViSiON has been going through a creative metamorphosis; we’re liking where her sound is going.

Planet Giza – “Quiet On The Set”

The trailblazing trio Planet Giza are back to bite with “Quiet On The Set”, put out into the world ahead of their forthcoming album Ready When You Are. Jazz-infused pianos spring this track into action, while an arpeggio of synths pave the way for silky-smooth vocals to glide along the track. Listeners are then graced with a masterful flow, which goes hand in hand with the pitch perfect production, which works its magic over the body. The group’s Rami B & DoomX are the culprits for this divine release, and with their upcoming project featuring the likes of Kaytranada and Kojey Radical – Planet Giza aren’t slowing down anytime soon.

Jessy Lanza – “Don’t Leave Me Now”

Jessy Lanza’s latest single marks a new chapter. As the rising hyperdub artist embarks on a move to LA, Lanza ushers in a whole new vibe. With undeniably upbeat production chops, its glimmer juxtaposes the melancholy embedded into the lyrics. A common thread throughout Lanza’s tracks is this dissonance; in this case her pen drew inspiration from a near car accident. Triggering feelings of agoraphobia, Lanza works through her emotional landscape by means of song. Racketing percussion and crescendoing synths lay perfectly overtop the track’s quintessentially Californian visuals. With palm trees and sunsets abound, Lanza draws us into her kaleidoscopic inner world.

Jenny Lewis – “Psychos”

This isn’t Jenny Lewis’ first rodeo. Having toured with Harry Styles, and set to co-headline with Death Cab For Cute – Lewis means business. Ahead of the artist’s fifth album Joy’All comes “Psychos”. Infused with a nostalgic air, Lewis brings to mind the twangy guitars of 70s Fleetwood Mac. It comes as no surprise – with a myriad of genres and eras that influence her work. From 90s R&B to country, Lewis synthesises her repertoire of references to create her own unique sound. Inviting and soothing, the artist’s vibrant vocals lilt the song along. The gorgeous production of this track, and the entirety of Joy’All is in no small part due to the prowess of GRAMMY-winning producer Dave Cobb. A match made in heaven!

Only The Poets – “Jump”

Get ready to jump in with Only The Poets and their brand new single “Jump”! This track is the perfect anthem for those moments in life when you just need to follow your heart and take a leap of faith. Produced by the talented King Ed and mixed by the renowned Dan Grech, “Jump” showcases the band’s distinctive sound of irridescent indie-pop mixed with the undeniable swagger of Bruce Springsteen and Sam Fender. Frontman Tommy Longhurst’s powerful vocals will draw you in, backed by galloping riffs that will have you jumping out of your seat. The band’s DIY ethos and hard work have certainly paid off, with a fast-growing fanbase and sell-out shows across the UK and Europe. Don’t hesitate, take the leap and join Only The Poets on their exciting journey with ‘JUMP’.

DKIZZ – “My Lady”

Hailing from Nigeria, with Birmingham as his current stomping ground – fast-rising talent DKIZZ proves he’s here to stay with new single, “My Lady”. Hot off the heels of his debut single “Show Me”, DKIZZ sustains the acclaim with this afropop party tune. After giving a taste of the track to his TikTok audience, it quickly became a sensation – garnering over five million views on the app. It’s not hard to hear why, as enveloping drum arrangements meld with grounded piano chords – offering up a sonic sense of afrobeats and ampiano. DKIZZ vocals are another integral part of the concoction, and the accompanying music video is the cherry on top. Soulful yet danceable, DKIZZ does it again.

Steve Aoki ft. Dixie D’Amelio – “Older”

Get ready for a musical treat as 2x-Grammy nominated DJ Steve Aoki joins forces with country music superstar Jimmie Allen, and rising singer-songwriter Dixie D’Amelio for their latest collaboration, “Older.” This undeniably catchy and heartfelt single reminds listeners to cherish the present, and let go of past and future worries. With seamless vocal blends and an electric edge, the trio delivers an inspiring message that will resonate with fans across genres. And that’s not all! The music video captures the trio’s performance for an audience of elderly people, who are suddenly returned to their youthful prime when they hear “Older”. What’s not to love?

Viji — “Down”

Viji’s “Down” is the first single of the emerging rock artist’s upcoming album. After her beginnings playing classical guitar, she moved into emo pop punk and then to alternative rap. Her new song is an alt-rock story asking the age old question, do we have to suffer to make good art? She has a hand in all aspects of the process, from research to songwriting to production, and it really shows in how personal this track feels. An intimate, addictive tune, it puts Viji firmly on London’s alternative music scene. The accompanying music video is grunge at its finest, with girlhood visuals that take a dark turn. Bloody teeth with friendship bracelets, and oversized teddy bears shot by guns help bring the theme of “Down” to life. Watch now.

MADELEINE — “See Me Too”

Jazz and soul artist MADELEINE is back with her second single from her upcoming EP, Sun Daughter. “See Me Too” is a track of serenity and heart, with captivating vocals, strong lyrics, and full-sound instrumentals that fill your soul and feel like basking in the sun. Written at the piano, it is an intimate and honest story of self-love and forgiveness. The upcoming EP explores this theme further, as well as those of nature, femininity, and healing.

Talia Mar — “Self-Portrait”

Artist, creator, and performer Talia Mar has released the first single off of her upcoming debut solo record. You may think you know her from her part on songs such as “Stay The Night” (ft Sigala) and “Sweet Lies” (with Nathan Dawes), but the new track “Self-Portrait” marks a new chapter for Talia. Her early influences of hip-hop and later love for pop come together to form a heartfelt, catchy sound that’s all her own. “Self-Portrait” is a self-confidence anthem with an infectious hook, and we can’t wait to see what the pop star releases next.

ABISHA — “Breathe”

South London’s ABISHA’s new single, “Breathe”, is out now! The song is a rebirth for the artist, who discusses finding her voice and place as a bi-racial queer woman in dance music. Atmospheric, dreamy, and breathtaking vocals come together with confident and strong, grounding beats to create an intriguing sound that leaves us wanting more. Produced by Lauren Faith, “Breathe” is both emotional and danceable, a combination that is hard to nail yet made seem effortless in this case.

Sani Knight — “Nocturnal”

Emerging singer-songwriter Sani Knight’s “Nocturnal” captures the painful ending of a relationship. High emotions, the struggle to move on, and an inability to sleep are reflected not only in the personal, strong lyrics but in the intricate production as well. Sonically, the track combines R&B, hip-hop, and pop notes — highlighting Sani’s experimentation and excitement to test out different sounds. “Nocturnal” is smooth and sharp all at once and certainly accomplishes the artist’s goal to connect with his listeners.


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