The former drag racer’s new music video feels like driving fast.

Before moving into the music industry, Breon was a successful drag racer. In fact, he only really developed his sound after a drag racing accident which prompted him to reflect on his life thus far. This accident is the subject of his single “GoGo Kart”, which captures the fast-paced motion of a race car and the deep emotions of his career-ending injury.

Speaking about the album, Breon describes it as “a first person point of view project where you just get thrown into a universe and must learn on your feet if you want to make it out.”

Between vulnerable lyrics and rap-meets-pop beats, Breon S.Y.N.D.E.L’s music is completely his own and his new immersive album, Buy Me Some Time, is no exception. Now back with a music video, directed by Emmy-winner Joseph Crawford, to accompany “GoGo Kart”, the artist exemplifies the powerful feelings and captivating sound of the track. Strong colours, intimate shots, and complex emotions make up the visuals. The compilation draws us in and commands our attention as Breon looks around his spaces, periodically meeting our eyes.

Watch the visuals…