It’s a wrap! As filming finishes up, we take you on a deep dive through what to expect from this hotly-anticipated, star-studded sequel.

And, cut! Filming has officially wrapped for Joker: Folie à Deux. As we gear up for another ride with the Joker, this hotly-anticipated, Todd Phillips-directed film promises to be just as dark and compelling as its predecessor — which surprised audiences with its bone-chilling portrayal of the infamous DC villain. Better yet, this time the story will feature a new character that fans have been eagerly awaiting: Harley Quinn. With all of this excitement and hype surrounding the film, we’ve decided to gather together all that audiences can expect.

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It takes two to tango

The monumental role Harley Quinn will be taken up by Lady Gaga, going on to join Arthur on a journey into their shared mental disorders in the film. In fact, the term “Folie à Deux” refers to the phenomenon of two or more people sharing a mental disorder with similar or identical symptoms, and this is expected to be a major theme of the movie. Harley’s history in DC Comics suggests that we may see a retelling of her origin story, as a young psychologist who becomes a patient at Arkham Asylum after attempting to treat the Joker.

Music to our ears

Adding to the excitement, the sequel will also be a musical, in the vein of Martin Scorsese’s New York, New York. It is yet to be confirmed whether original compositions will be featured, but Gaga’s involvement has led some to speculate that she may contribute to the music herself. Will we see Arthur and Harley perform a twisted jukebox musical? Or perhaps a jaw-dropping number amidst a crime spree?

Gotham City: Take 2

As for the setting of the film, it seems that we can expect a new take on Gotham City. The first movie featured a gritty, dark atmosphere that was inspired by Scorsese’s Taxi Driver. This time, the setting may be brighter, more artificial, and more fanciful. Where Arkham is concerned, the abandoned Essex County Isolation Hospital in Bellville, New Jersey will fit the bill – which should set the tone for the rest of the city.

Coming back to bite

While Joker: Folie à Deux sees a whole re-vamp of this story, actress Zazie Beetz will reprise her role as Sophie Dumond. Having stepped up to the plate as the single mother living on Arthur’s floor in the first film, she’s now making a comeback. In Joker, Arthur was deluded – claiming they were becoming a couple, but in a plot twist – it was revealed that Sophie hardly knew him. We’re not quite sure what’s in store for her in this sequel. Will Arthur cling onto his delusions? And, will Harley and the Joker wreak havoc on this poor, unsuspecting woman?