From sad girl anthems to jazz-infused drops of sunshine, this week’s Wonderlist is stacked!

Photography by Shervin Lainez

Photography by Shervin Lainez

boygenius – The Record

It’s finally here! The long awaited debut album, the record, from supergroup boygenius certainly doesn’t disappoint. Consisting of three of the most striking songwriters in US folk and indie music – Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Dacus and Julien Baker – the invention of boygenius was welcomed by sad boys and girls across the planet, with this sublime album surely turning their frowns upside down. From subtly devastating folk numbers, to broad and cinematic indie rock, all three artists showcases their incredible and individualistic talent on this sprawling, affecting and intricate body of work. The album is accompanied by a Kristen Stewart-shot short film, which you can watch above!

Olivia Dean – “Dive”

Stunning songstress Olivia Dean has been blowing us away for years now with her emotionally potent and vibrant sound. She was just announced her highly anticipated debut album Messy, alongside the teaser single “Dive”. The groove-laden track oozes soulful goodness, with Dean’s hook game as strong as ever. The jazz-infused sonics act as the perfect backdrop for an effortlessly ethereal vocal performance. An artist on top of her game, Olivia Dean is one of the most undeniable songwriters in the popular music sphere.

spill tab – “Window”

French-Korean-American artist spill tab is another superstar in waiting. Her sound is consistently progressing, with her new single “Window” the latest sharpening of her unique and rousing take on indie rock. On the new cut, the singer-songwriter, multi instrumentalist and producer has developed a texturally striking soundscape that surprises and thrills, with the artist gliding across the palette with seamlessly serenity. spill tab recently announced her third body of work, with “Window” set to feature, and we can’t wait to hear what is in store on the album!

Downtown Kayoto – “Changed It”

When it comes to genre amalgamation, there’s not many more pinnacle talents in the UK than Downtown Kayoto. The Zimbabwe-born, Hull-based artist is continuously evolving, using influences as wide ranging as D&B and indie to concoct an alternative artistic manifesto that oozes craft and charm. DK has just announced his forthcoming EP Learning In Public, and unveiled a new teaser single “Changed It”. Ear-worm melody-centric, the production choices are provoking and individualistic, whilst the singer’s vocal performance is full of character as he constructs a relatable narrative of self improvement and growth.


Berlin’s highly flying production trio have become known for their inidividual approach to electronic music. This is their first venture into the UK scene, with the threesome enlisting one of the top upcoming rappers in the country, Arz for new cut “BABY”. Injecting energy and craftsmanship into the garage meets house meets dancehall instrumental, the two acts compliment each other acutely, with Arz spraying loved up bars over the lively beat. A summer ready anthem.

Rio Rainz – “favourite girl”

Rio Rainz is a fresh face in the wordsmith set to augment the alternative space. Following his impressive 2022 EP, withdrawal symptoms, he has just returned with his first single of the new year, “favourite girl”. It’s a dreamy, jazz-laden cut that flaunts Rainz’ cheek-laden charisma and nuanced technique. Lyrically we hear the rapper-singer-songwriter with a romantic resonance, delving into a tale of a relationship as he tells the subject of the song the reasons why she is his ‘“favourite girl”.


Fully immersed in a renewed sense of self-assurance, ambition and purpose, R&B sensation Phabo continues his euphoric soul-search across “SCORPIO MOON”. Debuted through his infamous COLORS performance last year, the San Diego native flaunts his smooth, sultry sound waves that harmonise in an intimate tone of psychedelia. He reconciles the pain of heartbreak and passion with a confident presence, excluding an enlightened perception when seeking to right a wrong. Marking another stunning ballad from a naturally gifted creative at his most comfortable and potent, Phabo’s unique artistry will continue the heat surrounding one of the most important new names crashing into UK consciousness.

Martin Luke Brown- “**it gets better”

Martin Luke Brown has got all his friends together for a lovely live video. Dropping alongside the release of his new angled “It Gets Better”, the video is shot at Middle Farm Studios in Devon, and features friends and fellow promising upcoming artists Greta Isaac, dodie and Orla Gartland. Combining to sublime effect on the performance, the artists show immense chemistry and understanding of each others musicianship, in an effort that is both heart warming and striking.

Kuami Eugene & Rotimi – “Cryptocurrency”

Kuami Eugene, known for his international hits such as ‘Angela’ and ‘Wish Me Well’, is back with another hit from his highly anticipated third studio album Rags2Riches. “We’re on a new level now” are the lyrics that permeate Cryptocurrency, lyrics that are both catchy and true. An afrobeat soundscape flourishes against lush vocals, hypnotic melodies, and tongue-in-cheek song writing. We saw him in New York in Power and now we see Nigerian-American singer-actor Rotimi singing it up in the unique futuristic multiverse of the music video. With two legends in the mix, it’s only fair that the music video lives up to the names and Ghanaian Filmmaker Xbills Ebenezer certainly succeeded in doing just that.

Cody Lawless – “Get There Stay There”

With an exuberant swirl of dreamy vocals, infectious guitar notes, driving bass lines and undeniably catchy chorus’ Cody Lawless’ latest release “Get There Stay There” is just the upbeat summery song we need to get us on our feet this season. The indie-pop/rock artist shows off his storytelling skills with poetic lyrics that ponder leaving a relationship that wasn’t right and the pain that comes with it. Taking listeners into a glowing night-time landscape that will tempt you to drive aimlessly down the highway blasting this iconic track, the music video, directed by Cody in collaboration with Nicky Films, evokes the effervescence of the song. As we can see from his recent signing with MNRK Music Group and songs like “Get There Stay There”, Cody Lawless is no stranger to musical reinvention.

G-Eazy – “Tulips and Roses”

We patiently waited as G-Eazy took a much-needed yearlong hiatus and rewarding us for our wait the multi-platinum recording artist returns with a bang with his latest single “Tulips and Roses”. Giving us a bold re-introduction into his new era the relatable and inspiring artist put pen to paper to devise self-reflective and innovative lyrics that shake the soul such as “My star’s back shining bright I just polished it …Something in my spirit woke back up… Time to go to work pick the slack up… Please no more comparisons you ain’t gotta bring that up… Salute my brothers we can all coexist… Took a hiatus I’m like what did I miss? Gerald’s back in his bag they don’t do it like this”. G-Eazy found himself/thoughts wrapped in the world of fault, shame and indulgence offset in the notable song “Blame” by the critically acclaimed/notable band Gabriel’s and took to innovative sample it in Tulips and Roses. It is undeniable that we all missed him but it’s clear to see that he is returning to reclaim his throne with his newest concoctions.

Quinn Oulton – “Next Time (Ella Grace Version)”

Quinn Oulton, a multi-instrumentalist, singer, and producer from South London, never tyres of taking us on an emotional journey via his tunes. To further immerse us in the depths of his mind, the talented musician reworked Next Time with folk singer Ella Grace. In order to reveal the beauty that shines at the heart of his song writing, Quinn peels back the layers of production on the song’s ascent with a heart-warming piano-led duet with Ella Grace. It would be accurate to state that the two voices combine flawlessly, creating a smooth, delicate tone that envelops listeners in the private world of the song. Quinn had the world in his palm with his debut album Alexithymia and it’s clear to see he doesn’t intend on losing this with his heartfelt rework of “Next Time”.

V V Brown – “Black British”

Get ready to be uplifted, because V V Brown is back to bite! This artist, who wears many hats as a mother, activist, journalist, teacher, and of course, musician, has returned to the spotlight after a six-year hiatus. During this time, Brown prioritized her mental health and focused on raising her two children, but now she returns with a thought-provoking and uplifting anthem “Black British.” Brown explores the complex and important question of what it means to be Black British, a topic she delves into in the accompanying video, artwork, and a long-form essay that will be published alongside the release. Drawing inspiration from her childhood musical influences, the artist has dreamt up an album that speaks to the soul, and addresses the major issues facing Black British people today. This is not just about the music; Brown combines the art of essay writing and journalism to create a unique and powerful experience. Brace yourself for an all-encompassing experience.

Gareth Donkin – “GEEK OUT!”

Get ready to funk out with Gareth Donkin’s latest single “GEEK OUT!” crafted up alongside quickly, quickly and The Breathing Effect. This fresh release comes with the news that this London-based singer-songwriter and producer has signed with drink sum wtr, a new label partnership between Ghostly International and Secretly’s All Flowers Group. Proving he’s a rising star in the R&B scene, we tip our hats. The groove-driven bassline and scintillating synths of “GEEK OUT!” will have you subsumed into the high of making music into the late hours of the night. As quickly, quickly puts it, “Gareth is a superstar, and we’re very excited to embark on this journey with him.” Don’t miss out on this instant favorite jam, and discover why Gareth Donkin is quickly becoming one of the most distinct voices in R&B.

Jalen Ngonda – “If You Don’t Want My Love”

Attention all soul music lovers! Jalen Ngonda is back with his latest single “If You Don’t Want My Love,” and it’s a game-changer. The UK-based artist, originally from Maryland, DC, is making waves in the contemporary soul scene, and it’s no surprise why. Jalen’s unique vision for soul music is on full display in this latest release, which showcases his powerful and captivating vocals. He seamlessly blends classic R&B with heartfelt soul music, creating a sound that’s steeped in tradition yet entirely his own. “If You Don’t Want My Love” is the newest addition to the legendary Daptone Records, following Jalen’s well-received double A-side release “What A Difference She Made” and “Just Like You Used To.” Jalen has already made a name for himself with successful tours across North America and Europe, and this new release is sure to solidify his place as one of the most talented and exciting artists in the contemporary soul scene. It’s a must-listen!

Model Man ft. Lyrah – “Standing In The Dark”

Essex-based producer Model Man and San Francisco-based artist Lyrah have teamed up to create the mesmerizing electro-tinged house track, “Staring In The Dark.” Released just this week, the track showcases Model Man’s softer approach to music with its delicate piano keys and warm, inviting synths. Sprung into action by Lyrah’s lilting vocals, the 90s upbeat keys compliment the singer’s catchy chorus – creating a beautiful piece of music that captures loss and heartache in its raw form. Model Man draws inspiration from a diverse range of genres, including ambient, experimental, and breakbeat resulting in a perfect collision of two worlds – his early introduction to classicism and piano, and his euphoric experiences with rave culture and electronic music.

Childe – “Death Wish”

Rising experimental pop sensation Childe unleashes new single “Death Wish”, along with a video that is sure to captivate you. Childe is a multihyphenate who wears many hats – singer, songwriter, storyteller, and visual artist. His music is a reflection of his unique experiences and emotions, and “Death Wish” is no exception. The track is a mind-bending melding of thought-provoking lyrics and infectious melodies that will leave you wanting more. What’s truly impressive about Childe is his ability to use his music to convey emotions that are often not captured by male singer-songwriters. His creative outlet is a reflection of everything his music stands for – honesty, authenticity, and freedom to express oneself without fitting into a box.

Abi Ocia – “30 Underwater”

Abi Ocia’s latest release, “30 Underwater”, is a soul-stirring acoustic-pop track that tackles the universal theme of existential questions. As the artist approaches the end of her twenties, Ocia reflects on the pressures of adult life – and the all-consuming fear of not having achieved enough. Co-written with Dan Holloway, the track showcases Ocia’s most vulnerable side with her raw, celestial vocals, which are complemented by gliding guitar riffs and surreal production. With over one million global streams for her previous release “LTWYLM”, “30 Underwater” is another notch onto Ocia’s belt, displaying her undeniable talent – and setting the stage for more exciting material to come. Experience the moving journey of self-reflection.

Joy Oladokun ft. Noah Kahan – “We’re All Gonna Die”

Get ready to be blown away by Joy Oladokun’s latest collaboration with Noah Kahan on their electrifying new single, “We’re All Gonna Die.” The duo’s chemistry is undeniable, as they blend distorted guitar, off-kilter strings, and a hummable fret-burning solo to create a sound that’s both dystopian with an earworm melody. This track is just a glimpse of what’s to come from Oladokun’s upcoming album, Proof of Life. With critical acclaim from her 2021 major label debut and unforgettable performances on major shows, including The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and NPR Music’s Tiny Desk (Home) Concert, the nascent has proven herself as a mainstay within the music scene. Also wielding collaborations with big names like Chris Stapleton and Brandi Carlile, her versatility and openness to different genres and styles is laid out on the table. Oladokun’s upcoming album is sure to be a full spectrum of vulnerability, blending her lyricism with the sonic elements and sounds that inspire her.


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