ArrDee, Cat Burns, Kamal. and venbee bless our ears in this week’s Wonderlist.

ArrDee & Cat Burns – “Home For My Heart”

Since emerging on the scene a few years back with a series of cheek-laden bops, Brighton’s ArrDee has swiftly become one of the biggest names in UK rap. His debut album, Pier Pressure, solidified his popularity and illustrated that there is depth to his artistry, giving him fans within the drill, rap and pop hemispheres. Now returning for his first single of the year, the rapper enlists the vibrant vocality of Cat Burns for a pop friendly yet deeply impactful single, “Home For My Heart”. A frontrunner in the transformation of drill’s sound towards commercial viability, this is the latest example in the expansion of the genre, with ArrDee’s heartfelt verses expertly aided by an anthemic hook from Burns.

Kamal. – so here you are, drowning

so here you are, drowning is finally here. The sprawling 10 track mixtape from North-west Londoner Kamal. is an exploration of his utmost self – the highs, the lows, and everything in between. Romantic and resolute, charming but coy, Kamal shows himself to be a charismatic and caring narrator, with his lyrics easily relatable but excruciating individualistic. A master storyteller, there is depth and beauty is abundance across the EP, as Kamal. looks set to become a frontrunner in the UK music scene.

venbee – “gutter”

venbee is a modern artist who is a force to be reckoned with. Making her way up the UK charts with each kaleidoscopic single, her tales of late night antics and dancefloor palavers are full of craft and charm. Following last year’s anthemic single “Messy In Heaven”, venbee has now returned to give us her most profound and reflective single to date, “gutter”. The Kent native offers her usual upbeat timbre, with production from Whyjay & Litek and Shapes, merging D&B tendencies with thoughtful musings and witty vocality.

Venna ft. JADA – “Tam Tam”

One of the most exciting musicians currently active in the UK, Venna is a serious talent. The saxophonist and producer has collaborated with some of the biggest names across the globe, and was the man behind much of the creation of Knucks’ seminal album Alpha Place. As he builds steam towards the release of his highly anticipated sophomore EP Equinox, set to be released next month, Venna has now blessed us with the latest teaser from the project. Borrowing the dazzling vocality of Jada for a sultry feature, the new single “Tam Tam” is slick, soulful and sublime.

Nino SLG – “Tell Me Why You Need Me”

A young talent making waves in the UK road rap hemisphere, Nino SLG has shown a personal and sonic maturity that is well beyond his tender years. Tackling difficult topics throughout his discography, Nino is never afraid to show himself in an intimate and vulnerable light. This latest epitomisation of honesty comes in the form of Mirror Story, his striking and poignant new EP. The lead single, “Tell Me Why You Need Me” is a rousing cut that sees Nino question the intentions of the people around him atop an emotionally potent, keys-heavy backdrop.

Bricknasty ft. KhakiKid – “Fashion”

As introductions go, Bricknasty’s latest welcoming track into their musical manifesto, “Fashion”, is pretty damn good. Seamlessly combining the intricacies of R&B, Neo soul, jazz and psych, the act supersede normal expectations of a four piece band, driving them closer to a lane of their own whilst championing the Irish alternative scene. On the new single, Bricknasty enlist Dublin alt-rap spitter KhakiKid for a subtle and ethereal number, that sees them portray exactly the kind of lyrical potency and all-encompassing sonics that we expect them to shower us with in the coming months.

Miller Blue – “Wildfire”

Multi-faceted Miller Blue is one of the most vital names in R&B right now. Since emerging in the back end of the previous decade, he has gone on to release two terrific albums, Cotton and Tree Of Tenere, pushing the stylistic boundaries of jazz, soul and indie within his silk-laden approach. His newest release, “Wildfire”, is his second of the year, and is a heartfelt, soulful and upbeat number that continues to progress his burgeoning sound. Accompanied by a animé inspired music video that mirrors the musical and lyrical narrative of Blue, “Wildfire” is a concise and fruitful showcase of the rising artist’s prowess.

carina – “waste me away (demo)”

Fast rising singer-songwriter carina feels more concise in her craft with every release. Her latest number “waste me away (demo)”, is the latest illustration of her serene vocals and poignant lyricism. Following last year’s impressive spaceout! ep, carina’s new single is a stripped back, intimate affair that allows her singing and songwriting to sit at the forefront of the listener’s attention. It’s a relatable tale of romantic anguish, and we can’t get enough of carina’s melancholic and thoughtful expressionism.

The Chemical Brothers – “No Reason”

One of the founding fathers of modern electronica, The Chemical Brothers are known far and wide for their startling, forward-thinking approach. The Grammy winning act have been stunning audiences with their live shows of late, with new single “No Reason” a staple of their recent performances. Their first new music since 2021, the melody is sure to get stuck in your head, with the infectious soundscape a fresh augmentation of their crowd-pleasing sound.

Berna – “Straight Outta Newham”

East London rapper Berna has become well known for his genre-defiant take on UK rap. Hard hitting yet bursting with charisma, the artist has been consistently rising through the ranks in recent years, amongst the most consistent and intelligent acts active in the scene today. A release from his forthcoming East2Essex tape, “Straight Outta Newham” is biographical and dense in its thematic approach, with Berna showing his refined craft over the vibrant beat.

Róisín Murphy-“CooCool”

Freshly signed to Ninja Tune, a label renowned for their forward-thinking talents, Róisín Murphy, gifts us with her first new music since 2021 with “CooCool”, produced by revolutionary electronic music producer DJ Koze. The new single is a tasteful entanglement of genres, blending immersive, modernistic production with Murphy’s striking vocal prowess. It’s romantic and regal, diverse and divine – a real treat for the ears.

Manuel Turizo – 2000

Columbian superstar Manuel Turizo has unveiled his highly anticipated third studio album, 2000. An eclectic, personal and enticing body of work, we are treated to a detailed breakdown of the character and essence of Turizo, with standout numbers like “Triste” and “Jamica” highlighting the brevity of Manuel’s musicality. As he continues on his route to world domination, be sure to delve deep into the psyche and artistry of one of South Amerca’s leading musicians.

Richie Campbell – “Heartless”

Lisbon’s multi-platinum R&B artist Richie Campbell is firmly staking his claim across the international sound system culture. His latest record Heartbreak & Other Stories touches on personal themes of growth and vulnerability, mixed with the polished, melodic vibrations from production royalty including Grammy Award-Winning producer Kel-P, seamlessly playing alongside the refined, rustic purity of his vocals. Dropped with an eclectic music video for “Heartless”, sharpened cinematography brings the track to life as we envision the burning lust at the crossroads of a new love interest – an exhilarating chase that ultimately comes to a crashing end.

Harvey Jay Dodgson – “Marilyn Rose”

Harvey Jay Dodgson has done it again! The pop sensation’s latest single, “Marilyn Rose” is a masterpiece of musical artistry that will have you singing and dancing along in no time. With its infectious beat and catchy lyrics, this song is destined to make a splash. Dodgson’s unique style and unmistakable voice shine through in every note, capturing the listener’s imagination and taking them on a journey of pure sonic bliss.

Memory of Jane – “How You Make Me Feel”

Memory of Jane’s debut single “How You Make Me Feel” is a masterpiece that will leave you mesmerised from the first note. With its playful melody and charismatic vocals, this song is an intriguing glimpse into the artist’s talent and creativity. The British/French 20-year-old producer, multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter from South East London uses electronic tendencies and striking rhythms to take the listener on an emotional journey through the depths of human experience, exploring themes of love, loss and confusion.

CHELJI – “Made It Past October”

Birmingham born CHELJI’s latest single “Made It Past October” is a sonic adventure that will transport you to a world of hypnotic beats and captivating melodies. With its mesmerising rhythm and ethereal vocals, it’s a refreshing and modernistic extravaganza. From start to finish, the song immerses you in a world of lush soundscapes and rich harmonies, creating a sense of otherworldly beauty that is truly enchanting. CHELJI’s unique style and musical vision shine through in every note, making this a standout release in the world of lo-fi music – she’s just getting started!

Night Tapes – “Selene”

Night Tapes injects an ethereal spirit into their new lush and dreamy single “Selene”. A shimmering portrait of beguiling vocals, silky baselines and luscious smooth drum loops, “Selene” stands as the lead single for the band’s long-awaited third EP Perfect Kindness. Enveloping us in an atmospheric soundscape of hypnotic instrumentals that soar underneath psychedelic harmonies, “Selene” coated with the sugar vocals of Liris Vesik pays homage to the titular character Selene – a moon goddess in ancient Greece who pulled the moon across the sky: ‘she’s only perfect cos she’s far away/in the spaces in between you can be anything”. A beautiful concoction born in a dream, the new single speaks to the theme of re-invention. The trio blessed us with this wonderfully textured and luxurious single. So while we patiently wait for Perfect Kindness, we can relish in the soothing and ethereal world of “Selene”.

Franc Moody – “Move Me”

Distilled with dynamic vocals, gorilla-sized bass riffs and alluring synth notes, Franc Moody’s newest single “Move Me” marks their first musical release with their new label House Of FM. Honing in on their recognisable skills to conjure vibrant groovy beats melted with a retro flair and irresistible choruses, Franc Moody delivers to us another single to be obsessed with, after taking over the world with their prior funk-driven album Into The Ether. We can hear the love and passion that has gone into the single. To top off the good news the band gives us more to look forward to with their upcoming UK/EU and North America tour!

Maimuna Memon – “Sinner”

The immensely talented songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, playwright and actor Maimuna Memon is making big waves in the musical scene, just as she does in the acting world, with her newest single “Sinner”. Holding the title of The Fringe First Award, The Stage Award for Performing and The Mental Health Award, the gifted star who is no stranger to the art of creativity and innovation instilled in her remarkable debut single these qualities for success. “Sinner” amongst many things is a bold stylistic fusion of alt-pop, dosed with soulful and folk-tinged songwriting that is graced with Maimuna’s unique vocal tone. The song builds its dramatic aura as the star progresses from her delicate enunciated coos to full-blooded, hard-hitting expressions that offset as the song reaches its denouement. “Sinner” is a lyrical and musical masterpiece.


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