The New York based artist returns with a new magnetic single.

A stylistic crossover between indie pop, hip hop and R&B, the talented artist’s newest single “AWOL” merges soulful depth with hypnotic vocals and melodic rhythms. More than just a playful and catchy song, “AWOL” dives deep into a sensitive subject that many of us can relate to, which is having fake friends. The eclectic artist turns pain into beauty in this enchanting single as she reflects on having people in her life who only come around once she’s thriving or when they need something.

No one can forget Vibe’s long-awaited EP Siren, released back in 2020, that caused shockwaves across the industry and resulted in the gifted artist being named Breakout Artist of the Year. Her success didn’t just stop at this EP as the rising star holds an accolade of impressive collaborations under her belt with the well-known artists and producers J. Oliver (Fresh Ayr), Southside, Wheezy and Rikanatti.

Vibe doesn’t shy away from issues such as mental health, friendship, addiction, depression, anxiety, empowerment and self-love in her singles; which is one of the many reasons that everyone genuinely resonates with her music and she continues to rise. The talented artist has blossomed in the years after her EP and “AWOL” stands as a representation of the meaningful and hypnotic singles we can look forward to hearing next.