We delve deep into the seminal body of work with the help of the artist himself.

One of the most expressive, expansive and effervescent artist’s currently flaunting their craft to the world, Chiiild is on a one way trip to legacy. His sound transcends genre, floating between the stratospheres of neo-soul, jazz and R&B. His songwriting flicks between vivid social commentary and personal musings, with his poetic writing style the perfect accompaniment for instrumentals that ooze class and vibrancy.

We have just been welcomed further into Chiiild’s searing sonic universe with the release of Better Luck In The Next Life. The follow up to his ’21 excellent debut album Hope For Sale, the new project is a refined and emotive body of work. An eclectic array of featuring artists, from Lucky Daye too Charlotte Cardin, aid in this musical journey, augmenting the project and complimenting the genius of Child. Dense in its themes and searching in its messages, the 12 tracks tell the tale of a provoking character.

We had the pleasure of being guided through the album by Chiiild himself, as he gifts us with a detailed look at the seminal work of art.

“Better Luck In The Next Life”
This track is the theme song. It is my superhero theme song of sorts. There is something very apocalyptic about when the keys come in that I love and this really comes to life in the beginning of the live show. I really wanted to approach this album like a show and treat the first song like the opening credits.

“Bon Voyage”
“Bon Voyage” marks the beginning of this new chapter. It represents this sort of euphoric state of mind and feeling of like you’re on top of the world and you are untouchable. This kind of embodies the daydream mentality that a lot of artists and creatives have when they first come to LA. ‘Everybody out here on the same thing’

“Antidote” is about being enamoured by a person. It describes the infatuation of watching someone live life optimistically and simply wanting a piece of that because they symbolise the light for you and they can lift this weight off your shoulders. It is a representation of the idea that this person could save me from any emotional or physical struggle.

“Good For Now”
This was the last song we made for this album and it was also the record that made me rethink the way that a lot of the songs on the album sounded. There is a lot of space in this song and it is sort of the ultimate blend of R&B and alternative that we were trying to reach with our songs on this record. This song is a reminder that whatever happens, we should be present in the moment because we don’t know what tomorrow brings.

“Hell and High Water”
This track started when I was working on Synthetic Soul. I started the idea with Caitlyn in a studio in Acton London and we tried to create something with no framework. This particular idea didn’t exactly fit into Synthetic Soul or Hope For Sale, but with this record I finally felt like I was in a place where I could explore it again. I’m really grateful that not only was Alina able to contribute to the song, but we were able to keep Caitlyn’s vocals on as well since she was the songwriter that contributed to this record.

“Surfing The Silver Linings”
I created this song with my good friend Toulouse. This was one of the first songs created for the album that helped build this new world. Lyrically, this song is very much about escapism and honours this idea that we all have a vice that keeps us happy.

“I Hope I Packed A Parachute”
I met Charlotte at the Juno awards in 2021. She then came to see us perform at Jazz Fest in Montreal, and we got to connect in person and talked about doing a song together. I sent her the work in progress and she recorded her verse in Paris later that week. I’m really grateful that I’ve been able to come together with a fellow Canadian artist to create a track representative of the Montreal scene that we both come from.

I am a true fan of interludes and just instrumental tracks, so I wanted to create my own version of that. Sometimes no words are needed and the music speaks for itself and so why not let it breathe?

“Into The Deep End”
Into The Deep End is sort of a continuation or tribute to Hope For Sale’s “Weightless”. This song came together with my friend Marcus. It describes that feeling where you first meet someone and you have this rush that comes over you.

“(Running Out Of) Hallelujahs”
This one feels like a status update. It feels like all the broken promises that you go through while finding your footing. When you are in a new environment or chasing a dream there are a lot of promises being made to you that you want to believe. This song describes that feeling of uncertainty and the prayer that these promises come to fruition.

“Hiding In Plain Sight”
As someone that can be pretty introverted at times, putting yourself out there can be very uncomfortable. This was a song that speaks to the feeling of getting out of your head and remaining optimistic in order to attract that same positive energy towards you. Mereba’s track at the end of the song is a reminder to let go of the negativity and is a gentle reminder to persevere.

“You Get Me (A Final Word)”
This is a conversation between me and you right now. Simply and honestly. This track highlights my doubts but is also the most honest representation of me and my story. I am human too and hopefully I’ll have better luck in the next chapter.

Listen to the fantastic album below!


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