The duo talk blood relation, musical creation, and turtlenecks.

Hailing from the musically vibrant city of Liverpool, twosome BIG SIS are the latest scousers poise to make their impact on the wider Western industry. Delivering a sound that is ladened with colour, cheek and charisma, the pair combine dance-infused rhythms with serendipitous pop tendencies to produce a mainstream friendly style that has bags of potential and musical authenticity.

The sibling duo first appeared back in 2020, and the following year saw their most fruitful success so far. The group unveiled an array of radio ready anthems, such as off-kilter, inherently British cut “Promptness” – that at times borders with hilarity – and “Oontz”, an energetic entry that showcased the versatility of the pair, as well as flaunting their uncompromising artistic and personal attitude. Following ’21, BIG SIS took a step away from releasing to refine their craft, delivering just the one single last year, “Loneliness”. They have been working hard in the studio over the past few years, and look set to return, better than ever, sooner rather than later.

Ahead of a comeback that looks set to immerse more listeners than ever into their striking approach, we caught up with the two, discussing how their blood relation affects their musical creation, the essence of their sound, and standing out through the acquisition of bright turtle necks.

Listen to “Loneliness”.

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Who and what influences you to create?
Musically, we’re inspired by Daft Punk, Sofi Tukker, David Byrne, Glob,and ABBA. We want our music to make people dance and forget about taxes, etc.
As siblings, how did you first find the joint passion for creation?
Growing up in South Hogs there wasn’t much to do. We often fist fought or got into trouble breaking windows. We were always creative individually – Babie would put on plays for parents at dinner parties and Baby would bang pots and pans in the kitchen. We didn’t connect creatively until we became adults and did drugs together. That made us get serious about our creativity. 
How do you both find being in a band with your brother/sister?
Baby: I love it. It’s great because I trust Babie’s taste and I know she trusts mine. If we get stuck because one of us doesn’t like an idea, I know that whatever idea we come up with next will be just as good or better. We also have very similar social and cultural preferences so it’s quite easy to navigate shows and shoots and tours as a unit because we’re mostly looking for the same things. 
Babie: I’m quite keen on it. 
Do you think being related has helped achieve a deeper sonic connection between you?
For definite. Our sonic connection is because we’re related. We came out of the same portal (mum). We live together as well, so our brains have melded. We’ve cultivated psychic communication which bleeds into our sonic connection. 
Do you ever disagree on your professional or creative decisions?
No. Sometimes we disagree on pants, but that’s about it. We trust each other and neither of us give a f*** enough.
How would you define the essence of your sound?
Playful; expressive of our loyalty to source energy. 
There is such vibrancy and colour in your style, how do you achieve that? 
Our mum got struck by lightning when she was a teen, so we think we were born with more flare and electricity than most people.
In such a congested industry, it’s increasingly difficult to stand out – how do you think you achieve that?
We use our money to buy a lot of bright colourful turtlenecks. It’s not difficult to stand out. A lot of artists aren’t actually creating what they want. They follow trends that end up creating an echo chamber, which is boring. We get in the zone and we create from the zone. AutoZone.
You’ve released quite a few singles over the past few years but not much of late, why is this? 
This question is thirsty. We’ve both been busy taking trips, mental and physical. We went on tour at the end of last year, and we’re almost done with an album, so please just practice patience. 
I know you’re in the studio, what can we expect from the upcoming music? How has your sound developed?
Our sound has developed a lot over the past year because we both had a lot of emotional breakdowns, and everyone knows that makes art better. You can expect more cheeky club vibes and some serious classic bangers. Some of the songs have little to no cheek in them, but they still rip.
Why should people listen to you?
We’re a breath of fresh air in an industry full of milk-drinkers, quite frankly. 
Where do you want to take your artistry?
We’d love to deliver our artistry to anyone on the planet who has style. As long as we’re staying true to ourselves, we’re along for the ride. No cruise ships. 
What’s to come from you in the short term?
Many singles, more shows in LA, and an album. We’re touring later this year on the East Coast of North America with Reggie Watts, but that hasn’t been announced.