The indie-pop artist has unveiled her newest riveting and ethereal single “Runner’s High”.

Photography by Josh Campbell

Photography by Josh Campbell

Giving us a mesmerising and addictive song to kick off our weekend, Olivia Reid debuts her newest single “Runner’s High”. Injected with all the things that make a song a hit, the eclectic single grabs all who listen’s attention with its potent lyrics and pumping beat as we travel on a unique musical journey with the artist.

Like many great songs, Runner’s High serves as a self-reflection for the remarkable star who in this single considered her unrelenting dedication for success and her battle through the challenges. Speaking on the track the star acclaimed: “Runner’s High describes the way I’ve conditioned myself to be a workhorse. A product of growing up in America, I guess.”. This musically matchless track beautifully blends indie acoustics with exploratory pop soundscapes – plummeting listeners into a visceral sonic universe.

No topic is out of bounds for the modest artist who ventures into the fields of screenwriting and neuroscience as well as advocating for nature seen in her involvement with Brian Eno’s charity EarthPercent. With a thirst for knowledge and love for the world under her belt, the star beautiful inside and out has connected with audiences around the world with her iconic collaborations with Kidswaste for her single “Time is Mine” and SYDE on the track “Above The Clouds”. Olivia Reid is far from the end and her newest single “Runner’s High” is giving us a taste of her melodic ventures.

Listen to the single below!