The Jamaican-born, Panama-raised, London-based artist returns for a fresh vibrant cut.

“I was born to be someone who ascends” these are the words of wisdom that inform Regal’s effortlessly new enthralling single “Ascend”. Amid the Afro-Latino percussions, explosive rock guitars and synth-heavy pop choruses, the trailblazing artist carves out his own arena of musicality; heightened by his personal lyrics we can expect comes from nowhere else but the heart.

An intimately crafted piece of music, the song dives into a narrative of self-empowerment and individuality and talking on the single Regal affirms: “When releasing my debut EP Megafauna, besides writing, producing, directing, and more, I also had to monitor the data, a task I found to be in opposition to my artistic process. “Ascend” is my response to the emotions I felt during this time. I had to make a choice to own my individuality and promise myself that I will continue the climb regardless of the “figures” that might tell me otherwise.”

Regal’s love for music stretches back to his cultural upbringing of being born in Jamaica, raised in Panama and then moving to London. Music became an outlet for him to articulate and merge these cultures which lead to his iconic debut EP Megafauna which gripped the world back in 2022. As the alternative pop singer continues to rise it is clear to see that his assertion “I was born to be someone who ascends” is nothing but the truth.

Watch the video below!