The promising young actress dishes all about horror, famous co-stars, and her plans for the future.

Photography by Lee Clower

Photography by Lee Clower

Emerging as one of the US’ shining acting talents is Clare Foley. Revered for her wide-ranging acting roster – with a particular affinity for the horror genre, Foley is back to bite with the release of She Came From the Woods.

The flick’s writers, Carson and Erik Bloomquist, offer up a reinterpretation of the cult short film of the same name. Stretching out the material into a full-length feature, Foley’s stellar acting chops are on full display. Stepping up to the plate as one of the film’s protagonists, she stands out amongst the ensemble cast. Along with other actors Cara Buono and Spencer List, Foley helps bring this remake to a whole new generation.

With other standout roles in Hollywood, such as playing Ethan Hawke’s daughter in Sinister, and starring alongside Dakota Fanning and Kiernan Shopka in Very Good Girls there’s no doubt that her famous costars’ colossal talent has rubbed of on her. So much so, that we wanted to chat to Foley – and get some insight into her whirlwind, horror film-filled journey in the on-screen industry. From her instant start, her surprising attraction to horror projects, and studying her craft – all the bases were covered.

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Hey Clare! How are you?
Hi! I’m doing awesome, thanks for asking!

Where are we speaking to you from?
I’m currently on a ski trip with one of my best friends in Park City, Utah.

What’s something that made you laugh today?
One thing that made me laugh today is when I tried to hit a jump skiing, but didn’t realize how high it was and absolutely wiped out. It was hilarious.

Could you talk us through your start in acting? Did you always know you wanted to act, or was there a lightbulb moment?
I have been acting since I did my first commercial at five years old, so it’s definitely been a long time. I would say that I just kind of always knew I wanted to do it. My two older brothers acted in commercials so I just wanted to follow their footsteps. I was also always super outgoing and energetic so I had the perfect personality for acting.

You’ve been in quite dark projects like Sinister and Gotham. Do you tend to gravitate towards these kinds of projects because that’s what you’re into personally?
People are always so confused when I say that I do so many dark projects because it’s the complete opposite of who I am in person. I think that’s actually what makes it more exciting for me though because it’s so different than my everyday life. I think dark and horror is so much fun to act in but when it comes to watching movies I definitely stick to more lighter stuff, I love comedies.

Your latest film She Came from the Woods is of a similar theme, but it’s quite the ensemble cast. What was that experience like?
I had the absolute best time working on She Came from the Woods. It was one of the first projects I have done with an ensemble cast with so many actors around my same age so it was just so much fun getting to hang out with all of them. We had a ton of night shoots so we would be filming from sun down to sun up which was something I had ever done before. The first couple of days it was rough but everyone just had the most positive energy so we all got through it together. It was also the most fun getting to work with my longtime friend, Spencer List. We hadn’t seen each other in a couple of years and he always cracks me up.

What was your preparation process like for this role? We understand it was originally an ‘80s short film – did you manage to get your hands on it?
I looked a lot at different movies from the ‘80s to get to understand the vibe and style of the decade. The writers Carson and Erik Bloomquist also gave me some horror movies to watch with some strong female characters; Ready or Not and You’re Next. The short was available online and I think I actually watched it 20 times to get some character inspiration, and also just because I was so excited.

How does your approach differ when working in film as opposed to TV?
When working on film versus TV there is less time to get to explore the character, so I definitely try to do a lot more character work before we start filming. The shorter shoot time also makes it so that you have less time to make strong connections with your castmates, so I always try to get to know everyone I’m working with as soon as we get to set so we can all collaborate well.

You’ve rubbed shoulders with some pretty major stars in your past roles like Ethan Hawke, Dakota Fanning, and Kiernan Shipka. That must feel like a dream-come-true! What were those experiences like?
It is truly is a dream!! I have been so extremely fortunate to work with so many amazing people. Not only are they all insanely talented but also some of the kindness most caring, and just all around fun people! I feel like working with these people I learned so much from each of them. Not only about acting but about life and working in the entertainment industry. To this day I am constantly hearing their words in my head and look up to all of them so much.

Do you have any dream directors that you’d love to work with?
I would love to work with Guillermo del Toro. I love all of his movies and the mix of fantasy and horror.

Lastly, what’s on the horizon for you? Are there any upcoming projects you can tell us about?
I am currently studying drama at a University in California in the School of Dramatic Arts. I am having the time of my life and have learned so much.


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