Covering our Spring 2023 issue, the Triangle of Sadness star reflects on the film’s culture-shifting success, and reclaiming his image.

“I mean from the get go it was clear how satirical the movie was, and comedic as well as smart. I think Ruben Östlund [director] is this super smart individual that wanted to make a point on a lot of different things and have people that come out of watching the movie be like, ‘what was the message?’ And then realise there isn’t a message, it’s just entrenched in so many themes so you can pick your subject and pick where you want to start.”

Covering our Spring 23 issue, Triangle of Sadness’ Harris Dickinson talks the thought provoking narratives that lie at the heart of Ruben Östlund’s wickedly satirical and Oscar-nominated film, reclaiming his image through his Wonderland shoot, and taking on projects that sit outside of the ordinary. Preorder the issue now at wonderland.com

Harris Dickson wears Dior

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