The fresh-faced singer-songwriter is making waves in the Bay Area music scene, and she talks to us all about it.

At the tender age of 21, singer-songwriter Izye has carved out a space for herself in the all too stagnant music-scape. Wielding a sophisticated repertoire of artistic references, her trap-hop, R&B sound has captured the ears of many. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Ariana Grande, Tinashe, and Kehlani — no one’s doing it like Izye.

The artist’s latest offering is F**K BOYS, GET MONEY, an EP which unfurls her avid frustration with today’s dating landscape. The opening “bad 4 me” is great on the ears, in which an enticing harpsichord bursts the track into action. A driving bass grounds Izye’s vocals, as she sings to a suitor: “I know you’re bad for me.” Other tracks like “drip” are softer, and more ethereal; production embellishments like drips and sparkles glimmer from ear to ear. The closing “nowugoturway” is introduced with a reverberating vocal sample, encouraging the listeners and Izye alike to build themselves up.

F**K BOYS, GET MONEY is a raring first release, and you can colour us impressed. With such musical fortitude displayed on Izye’s debut project — we’re intrigued. To satisfy our curiosity, we sat down with the artist to find out more. From her multihypenate abilities, and living in LA, to what’s on the horizon — all the bases are covered.

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Hey Izye! How are you doing? Where are we speaking to you from?
I’m doing alright, thanks for asking. I’m currently in Los Angeles/Hollywood area.

You are currently the youthful age of 21. If you could sum up the place we’re at in the Izye journey, what would you say?
I’m actually just about to turn 22 actually, so that’s exciting and little nerve wracking for me. I feel like I’m still figuring myself out everyday, but I’ve also come a long way. I’m currently just working on creating new content for social and my new music. Im doing more behind the scenes work right now.

You’re a singer, songwriter, rapper and producer. What came first?
I was born a singer, I swear I flew out the womb howling. I come from a family of all musicians, so it was inevitable I feel. I started vocal lessons when I was 12 going on 13 and I studied in musical theatre for 5 years.

You grew up in San Fransisco but now live in LA! How was the transition from hometown to Hollywood?
I’ve been in LA for a little over 3 years now and it’s been a lot of transformations. When I left the bay I was so ready to get out and move on with my next chapter. I started in music school, but dropped out in the summer of 2020. I moved out to Hollywood from Pasadena and I’ve been here ever since! Now that I live in LA I honestly love going back to the Bay and seeing old friends and family.

You draw influence from pop greats like Ariana, Tinashe, Jojo and Khelani. What was the first interaction you remember having with an artist you really loved?
Demi Lovato was the first artist I ever really looked up to vocally. I went to her concert with David Archuleta and the Jonas Brothers when I was 7. I remember just being so in awe of her powerful vocals.

Your EP F**K BOYS, GET MONEY dropped towards the end of last year. Talk us through how it’s been since it’s been out in the world?
It’s been a lot of mixed emotions! I mean I’m super proud of myself since it was a project that took about a year to make, all my own songs from scratch that I am genuinely proud of. Being an independent, small artist is rough sometimes, I get discouraged and have tons of imposter syndrome, but I just keep pushing through.

You didn’t hold back with the title. Did you feel any cautiousness about being so unfiltered from the get-go?
I’m just a very out there, quirky person, so why not have a catchy, attention-grabbing title? I also was calling that time in my life my “fuck boys, get money” era; I was focused on getting that bag and not on immature little boys.

You’ve got three shows coming up in the near future. Talk us through the experience of seeing Izye live?
Be prepared to dance and feel like the baddest bitch. It’s giving vocals, it’s giving pop diva. Izye is my Sasha Fierce.

Finally, if you could pick one symbol of ‘making it’ that you would love to achieve, what would it be? For e.g. an award, playing a particular venue, working with a specific individual?
I would say I’ve made it when I can sell out a venue in the bay area. Preferably Oracle arena in Oakland, SAP Center in San Jose, or Bill Graham. All venues I saw so many of my favorite artists.


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