ENNY, IDK and Nessa Barrett lead the way in this week’s Wonderlist.

ENNY – “No More Naija Men”

There’s not many rappers as slick with it as ENNY is. The South-Londoner has been blessing our ears with meticulously crafted, silky and colourful tunes since making a splash with “Peng Black Girls” and it’s ensuing Jorja Smith featuring remix back in 2020. Her debut project, Under Twenty Five, was a soaring success, with ENNY going strength to strength, cementing her sound and status in the scene. After starting the new year strongly with “Champagne Problems”, she has once again devoured our attention with “No More Naija Men”, her latest buttery offering. With rising producer Emil on the buttons, ENNY bodies the instrumental with her effortless delivery and witty yet impactful bars, slyly dropping one of the best British rap tracks of the year so far.

IDK – “Radioactive”

One of music’s most interesting and innovative names, IDK has been rapping his way up the industry food chain. Last year saw the London-born, Maryland raised maverick collaborate with Kaytranada for joint tape Simple., as well as joining Pusha T on his It’s Almost Dry tour. Back with his first single of the year, IDK is simply too hot to handle on “Radioactive”. Inspired by the Baltimore dance scene, the rapper is stinging in his delivery atop a glitchy, atmospheric instrumental. The video sees IDK return to his London roots, posted up North and South of the river with his team this side of the Atlantic.

Nessa Barrett – “BANG BANG”

One of 2022’s breakout stars, Nessa Barrett is a bonafide pop star. As she waits in the wings, readying herself for her first headline tour of North America, Nessa has given fans more reason for excitement with her new gut-busting single “BANG BANG!”. The epic punk-infused number is an anthem of romantic anarchy, with the ripely rip-roaring energy of the guitar-driven instrumental matched by Nessa’s bold and bohemian vocal performance. A superb genre crossover, this one seems sure to go down in the history books!

Songer ft. D Double E – “4.59”

One of the most effortlessly talented upcoming rappers in the UK, Songer is flourishing with every passing release. Amassing over 50 million streams across DSP’s with no editorial support, and selling out a UK headline tour within minutes with no booking agent, Songer has the world, and the industry, at his feet. The rapper has just announced his upcoming album Skala, set for release in April, alongside the release of a teaser cut, “4.59”. Flowing over a typically bouncy instrumental that showcases his garage and dance influences, Songer flaunts his lyrical nuance with a narrative of late night antics. In the back end of the track, we are blessed with a feature from the iconic D Double E, who brings his legendary charm and ad libs.

Flo Milli – “Nasty Dancer”

After taking over TikTok with her bouncy anthems “In The Party” and ‘Beef FloMix”, the world, and the music industry, is at Flo Milli’s feet. The risqué and riveting rising star keeps getting better, with her newest track “Nasty Dancer” proving why she is amongst the hottest rappers in the US right now. The beat is a glorious mismatch of old and new school rap tendencies, with Flo further proving herself as a stalwart of raunchy rap. Brimming with quotable lines and an infectious energy, ‘Nasty Dancer” is sure to get you moving.

Sola – “Abide In U”

Profound, daring, and boasting impeccable musicality, Sola is a sensational rising star poised to make her name in the mainstream. The London-based multi-instrumentalist, singer and producer has upholds a magical musicality that is ageing like a Bordeaux, with her diverse range of influences proving useful in manufacturing her mature, full-bodied sound. The new track from Sola, ‘Abide In U” is unsurprisingly majestic, with the artist’s unique vocals, emotionally potent writing and rich production proving tasteful ingredients for this sonic melting pot.

Murkage Dave – I Don’t Do Love Songs – A Valentines Compilation

Despite what the title of his new body of work might suggest, we think Murkage Dave is a hopeless romantic. Flicking between emotionally driven ballads and socially resonant hits, Dave is a poet for the modern age. The East London singer-songwriter marked his year’s day of love with a present to his adoring fans, the release of I Don’t Do Love Songs – A Valentines Compilation. Fearless in the face of intimacy and honesty, this is a snapshot of Dave’s romantic escapades – its highs, its lows, and everything in between; we love to see it.

ilya – Appetite For Disaster

There is fantastic depth to the songwriting of iyla. The R&B/pop singer-songwriter has won crowds of listeners with her provoking writing and colour-laden production, which looks set only to his with the release of her new EP. Appetite For Disaster sees iyla in the most poetic, potent form that we have heard. With striking turns from LA rapper Symba and legend of the game Benny The Butcher, the EP revolve around the themes of empowerment and acceptance, with iyla touching on love, heartache and self belief. It’s a thought provoking and mindfully entertaining body of work that waters the crop of the growing talent.

Nicola Høie – Acoustic Sessions, Pt. 1

Fresh face on the scene, Nicola Høie, has been making waves as of late. Drawing from a wealth of inspiration, from her Scandinavian roots to those making waves in the UK and US, Høie has concocted an unparalleled pop-tinged sound. Her latest EP release, Acoustic Sessions, Pt. 1, adds fuel to the already blazing fire. A shining example of her prowess Høie transforms her previous hits into captivating acoustic entities. This stripped-back EP allows Høie’s searing lyricism, and valiant vocals to come to the forefront. A sense of vulnerability just oozes from the tracks.

Saint Joshua – “Love Game”

Saint Joshua is a master of immersive R&B. Croydon’s riveting songwriter has just unveiled the fourth single, “Love Game” from his forthcoming EP3 and is accompanied by a gorgeously shot live performance of the track at the esteemed Bush Hall venue. Soulful to the core, compelling in his writing and dazzling in his delivery, the new offerings showcases the boundless talent of one of R&B’s brightest lights.

Lovejoy – “Call Me What You Like”

British foursome Lovejoy have marked their scent on the revitalised indie rock scene. Although only appearing in ’21, the band have already amassed hundreds of millions of streams, and are set to embark on a meteoric UK and US tour. Their latest single, “Call Me What You Like” is a modern interpretation of the glory days of UK indie rock. The new track is a bundle of emotion, gusto, and most of all, fun. The distorted guitar lead, snappy drums and plucky bass prove to be the perfect foundation for frontman Will Gold’s vocal performance that bursts with vitality.

Juan Hansen – “Higher”

Juan Hansen is a compelling composer, producer and artist who truly puts his heart and soul into his music. Combining generic tendencies, the Buenos Aires native controls the narrative of his music, evoking emotion as if he is flicking on a light switch through his cinematic production technique. His new two-pronged drop, consisting of “Higher” and “Irreplaceable”, is a trance-inducing trip into the deepest sonic, thematic and artistic tendencies of the hotly tipped multi-talent.

Heir – “Rewind”

The world of pop just keeps expanding, with Heir yet another talented name to add to the listen. A nuanced fashionista, boasting collaborations with Dior, Calvin Klein and Versace, Heir has recently been rising through the musical ranks, with each passing release showcasing her burgeoning potential. She has just released her hazy new tune “Rewind”, a dreamy electro pop number that is a dreamy tale of self love.

Coupdekat – “Superglue”

Although rising star Coupdekat is new to the game, her impact is undeniable. Wielding an array of creative talent, from photography and film to music — Coupdekat has carved out a singular space for herself in the music scene. Her new single “Superglue” is an infatuating cut that showcases her charming British allure, as the singer-songwriter perfectly captures her angsty metropolitan appeal.

Kevin Davy White – “Honey”

Drawn to making music by the likes of Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan, Kevin Davy White’s multitude of talent culminates in his latest single “Honey”. Written, recorded, produced, and mastered all by White — “Honey” bursts into action with the enveloping nature that Blues possesses. White’s vocals are also enticing — embodying sheer boldness that blows you away.

Nikhil Iyer – “Sanam (don’t go away)”

Nikhil Iyer’s has great vocal and stylistic variety. The Indian-American is an accomplished guitarist and vocalist, with his American life and Indian culture providing him with a basis to be diverse in his sound and approach, with a nuanced knack for writing culturally diverse hits. Nikhil has just dropped his first single of the year, “Sanam (don’t go away)” which is a typically emotive effort.

Riton ft. Soaky Siren – “Sugar”

GRAMMY winning DJ and producer Riton has been leading the charge of UK dance music, with his explosive sound proving essential for any good night out. He is back with another dance floor ready banger, this time linking up with Soaky Siren for an energetic track “Sugar”, a taster into Riton’s upcoming mixtape. It’s a fruitful collaboration, with the pair bouncing off of each other’s skill in a sublime manner.

Lauren Spencer Smith – “Best Friend Breakup”

Canadian singer-songwriter Lauren Spencer Smith possesses all the attributes of a pop icon. The 19 year old has been consistently unveiling commercially astute anthems that display a fantastic ear for killer melodies and a reflective songwriting nature. Her new single “Best Friend Breakup” is a perfect example of Lauren’s dazzling vocals and ability to construct a classy ballad.


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