The rising star brings hope to the world of misfits with her mesmerising new track.

Growing up can be tough, especially when you feel like you don’t belong. But for Charlotte Sands, the experience has led her to create a community of her own. A beacon of hope for those who have felt like outsiders, Charlotte has carved a place in the world for social misfits to find solace and support.

In her own words, Charlotte shares, “As a teenager, I faced bullying and struggled to find the sense of belonging I craved. But now, I’ve found the support I was searching for, and I’ve created a space for others who have felt the same. It’s been amazing to connect with people I’ve interacted with online and see the hope in humanity that comes from community.”

With the release of her latest hit “Alright”, Charlotte has announced a partnership with the JED Foundation, a nonprofit working to promote emotional well-being and prevent suicide among teens and adults. She hopes that her song will help break down the stigma surrounding mental health within her fanbase and help others find the support they need. As part of the partnership, Charlotte is releasing limited edition merchandise with the JED Foundation, with a portion of proceeds benefiting the organisation. She explains, “We wrote ‘Alright’ with the hope that it can bring comfort to even just one person. The future can be daunting, especially in uncertain times, but this song is a reminder to keep moving forward. Life does go on, and things will get better.” Join Charlotte on her journey to create a brighter future for the social misfits of the world. With her music and her heart, she’s proving that anything is possible.

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How would you describe your sound and what influences it?
I would describe my sound as pop/rock with influences from artists like Katy Perry, Paramore, P!nk, and Gwen Stefani.

You’ve been compared to pop-punk and chart-bound pop stars, how do you bridge the gap between those two worlds in your music?
I try to bridge the gap by focusing on releasing music that is an authentic representation of myself and not trying too hard to fit into any specific genre. I want to make music that people can relate to and to do that I write about my personal experiences that sometimes may feel more like a pop song or more like a rock song depending on my mood and emotions while writing it. There is already so much pressure assigned with this industry and being confined into certain boxes and I personally want to try everything and continue to give myself the freedom to create whatever feels organic in that moment.

Your single “Dress” has exceeded 35 million streams and spent ten weeks in the Top 40 on pop radio in the States, how does it feel to have such a successful moment in your career?
It feels incredible. I am so proud of the team I have around me and the people that have supported me and made this experience so enjoyable. I’m an extremely competitive person, especially with myself, so feeling the need to do better with each release can be really overwhelming and I try to remind myself to be present and celebrate the wins. “Dress” introduced me to so many new people and I genuinely couldn’t be more appreciative of the friendships and community that has evolved from that song.

Your new single “Alright” represents a subtle evolution in your style, can you tell us more about that and what inspired the song?
I wrote the song almost 3 years ago at a really low point in my life when I felt hopeless and unable to be optimistic about the future. It was so isolating in itself and then adding onto that was the pandemic and being forced to be alone more than I ever have. I think because I listened to the demo for so long I became attached to the original production and feeling of the song and wanted to keep that original vulnerability. There are so many things we could have done or added to make it more pop or more rock but we worked really hard to maintain the feeling from the day we wrote it and make sure to not overpower the actual song and story. I get so excited when I’m able to experiment with new sounds and styles and really look forward to being able to do that more and dive deeper into my influences and inspirations.

You wrote “Alright” with producer Danen Reed Rector, can you tell us about your collaboration process and how you work together?
Danen is an incredible writer, producer, and friend. He makes it so easy to be honest and never settles for the easier option or the shortcut which I respect so much. We’ve worked together on almost every song I’ve released for the last 3 years so being able to release a song from the beginning of that friendship and now play it live in front of thousands of people together on stage feels incredibly rewarding and wonderful in every way.

You grew up inspired by both fiery rock bands and classic singer-songwriters, how do those influences show up in your music?
I’m forever influenced by singer/songwriters like Bonnie Raitt and Michelle Branch and their ability to tell a story with so much detail and intention while also wanting to create an incredible show where people can dance and escape reality for a while. I’ll always strive to create high-quality songs while also creating a live experience that people will enjoy.

You moved from Massachusetts to Nashville at 18 to pursue your songwriting, can you tell us about that experience and how it shaped your career?
Moving to Nashville was the best decision because it was so challenging but forced me to fight harder for my career than I ever had. I took every opportunity that came my way and learned so much from the incredible artists and songwriters that live there, I’m so grateful for their wisdom and their support. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done but once I took that initial jump the rest started falling into place and the other obstacles didn’t seem so daunting.

You released seven singles in 2020 during lockdown, how did that experience impact your music and creative process?
During lockdown, I was completely unable to play shows or be around people which is usually the thing that inspires me and reminds me of my love for music. I realised that the only way I could make that connection with people would be if I released music and shared how I was feeling and hopefully met more people that were feeling the same way. It was the only thing that brought me joy and made me hopeful during a really hard period of my life.

You’ve exceeded 135 million streams, what has been your proudest moment in your career so far?
I’ve had so many moments that I look back on its impossible to choose one. Playing a sold out show on my first ever headline tour in both of my hometowns (Boston and Nashville), opening for My Chemical Romance in London, releasing “Alright” and receiving the most support and love i’ve ever received throughout my career, and honestly this moment now of being on tour with PVRIS in the UK and Europe and quite literally having the best time of my entire life. There are so many moments that I am proud of and I am so lucky to be able to say that.

You’ve collaborated with artists such as Sleeping with Sirens, Underoath, and Mokita, how do you choose who to collaborate with and what do you look for in a collaboration?
I’ve been really fortunate to collaborate with so many incredible artists and bands that I look up to and am really thankful that they’ve included me in so many of their projects. All that matters to me when collaborating with someone is that we have a mutual respect for what the other is doing and are genuinely both excited about the music we’re making. There is nothing more special than creating art you love with people that you love and look up to.

You’ve played shows with My Chemical Romance, YUNGBLUD, and Ava Max, what has been your favourite live performance or tour experience?
I’ve had so much fun touring over the last year and they’ve all been such a vital part of my growth as an artist and as a human. I think my favourite experience would be the current tour I’m on right now with PVRIS because it’s the first time I’ve ever toured outside of the country and it’s truly been the most rewarding experience of my life.

You’ve played festivals such as Bonnaroo, Riot Fest, and SXSW, how does the energy of a festival performance compare to a headline tour?
Every show is so different and that’s what makes them all so exciting. I love festivals because I feel like there are so many people that don’t know me and that feels like a challenge but I love the headlining shows because it feels like a reunion with all of your friends. It’s all so incredible.

You’ve sold out your own North American headline tour, what do you hope to achieve with your live performances and tours?
In the future, I want to continue to play larger venues until I one day sell out a stadium tour. I want to tour with artists that I admire and people who enjoy what they’re doing and recognize how insane it is that we get to do this as our job.

You’re known for your electric blue hair, how does fashion and style play a role in your overall artistic identity?
I think my style has changed a lot but overall I like to be comfortable. Sometimes that means wearing pyjamas out and sometimes it means wearing a skirt and leather boots but I try to allow myself to exist in whatever form I feel is fitting at that time.

What can fans expect from you in the future and what are you most excited about in 2023?
They can absolutely expect more music and more shows because that is all I plan to do in 2023 and the rest of my life. I cannot wait to share all the exciting things we have planned, I couldn’t be more grateful and excited.


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