Step into the vibrant world of Moroccan souks with the new velvet hand-dyed jacket collection.

In a stunning collaboration between two Arabic-speaking, mountainous countries, Lalam Morocco and SEP Jordan have joined forces to create an exclusive range of velvet tunic jackets. These handcrafted pieces, known as the JoMo Jackets, are made from luxurious Moroccan sourced velvet and silk, which are expertly dyed in the heart of the Souks.

Each jacket is finished with traditional ‘sfifa’ ornamental fastenings and an intricately woven mandarin collar, and features two iconic SEP patterns, hand embroidered on fine tulle. The emerald, navy, and black velvet jackets are adorned with the ‘Mary Magdalene’ and ‘The Cross’ patterns, making each piece one-of-a-kind.

As a luxury lifestyle brand that fuses Italian style with the best of Middle Eastern craftsmanship, SEP Jordan was founded in 2013 by Italian Social Entrepreneur Roberta Ventura. Today, 560 embroidery artists work with SEP in Jordan, creating timeless hand-embroidered home accessories that take weeks to complete, but last a lifetime.

The JoMo Jackets will be available online as of December 5th on both SEP Jordan and Lalam Morocco Websites, whilst stock lasts. With an RRP of £400, they not only make a stylish fashion statement, but also give back to the artisans who create them. SEP brings thousands of people above the poverty line through employment and training within the refugee camps, so each purchase supports the maker directly.

In a world saturated by high-end fashion, the inspiration behind SEP Jordan was to create a brand that sells unique stories – the stories of refugees who are the artists creating the accessories. With the JoMo Jacket, you’re not just buying a piece of clothing, you’re becoming part of an exclusive club that celebrates and supports the rich cultures of Morocco and Jordan. Don’t miss out on this limited edition collaboration and show off your timeless JoMo Jacket in casual and formal settings alike, forever.

Discover for yourself at sepjordan.com