Stormzy, FLO, Drake and Madonna hold it down in this week’s music round-up.

Stormzy ft. FLO – “Hide & Seek”

Stormzy’s latest album, This Is What I Mean, has taken the world by storm. Catapulting all the to #1 in the charts last month, the album is a blazing hit. Rolling into 2023, Stormzy offers up a tentative, stripped back version of “Hide & Seek” from the album – upping the ante with the addition of FLO. Hot off the heels of their Brit Rising Star and BBC Sound Of wins, it’s crazy to think that their debut single “Cardboard Box” was released less than a year ago. And now they’re collabing with Stormzy? No biggie. The remix has an ethereal edge, channeling an intimate feeling into the track. With inner peace front and centre, the “Hide & Seek” remix is the perfect soundtrack to unwind.

Popcaan ft. Drake – “We Caa Done”

The dancehall powerhouse, Popcaan, turned it out this week with new single “We Caa Done”. Set to feature on the artist’s upcoming album Great Is He, this track is sunshine in a song. Popcaan’s melodic lilt guides the song through pulsating percussion, crescendoing pianos, and sonic embellishments. Drake’s verse is vibey, as per – and this union is without a doubt a meeting of minds. The track is accompanied by an equally atmospheric music video, where viewers are plunged into the balmy bliss of the Jamaican tropics. All in all, this release is the perfect soundtrack to daydream of warmer days past.

Madonna – “Back That Up To The Beat”

Madonna’s hotly anticipated single “Back That Up To The Beat” is a Eurotrash fever dream. The unreleased track set TikTok on fire; as the queen supreme of dance music – it’s clear that Madonna knows how to get a party going. Technically still a demo, the original track dates back to 2015 – employing the production chops of the one and only Pharell Williams. “Back That Up To The Beat” sounds as if it was plucked straight out of an Eastern European discotheque circa 2006. It harnesses the same nostalgia that ignited the Y2K trend; its addictive guitar hooks and carnal bassline has us smashing the replay button into oblivion.

Skrillex, Fred Again & Flowdan – “Rumble”

“Rumble” is a scintillating gem. A joint effort between Skrillex, Fred Again, and Flowdan – this track actually has a meandering backstory. Originally crafted up by just Fred Again and Flowdan five years ago, Skrillex entered the mix after requesting the stems. Rumoured to have kicked the electro maverick Four Tet off the track, we have to say, this track does feel complete. Flowdan’s commanding flow offers up a blazing start to the track, while the hair-raising industrial production adds an underground edge. Why not start your weekend with some fire?

Finn Foxell – “Red & Blue”

Hailing from West London, artist Finn Foxell offers up a sparkling new single. Starting the new year off with a bang, this release comes on the heels of a whirlwind 2022. With release upon release from the young artist, we’re chuffed to see the momentum hasn’t slowed down. “Red & Blue” feels raw, and rowdy. There’s a punk quality to the track which is incredibly intoxicating, and we’re excited to see what else this year has in store for Foxell.

Shania Twain – “Giddy Up!”

Shania Twain is the queen of country, making music history with her searingly successful, twang-filled hits. This week, she turned it out with her new track and music video, “Giddy Up!”. A true feel-good tune, Twain explained that it’s an animating, fortifying phrase – often used in the studio to add some pep to her step. The accompanying visuals see Twain as a car mechanic, going on to encompass a range of people – from a diner to a laundromat – becoming possessed with the desire to dance. After the last few years we’ve had, this dancing plague is definitely one we can get behind – and in our eyes, Shania Twain can do no wrong.

Family Stereo – “Robot Boy”

Family Stereo began in 2018 as the solo bedroom project of North London based artist Blake Watt, and has now evolved into a four-piece indie rock band. Underpinned by deft and evocative storytelling, they jump between fast-paced pop tunes and more delicate, finger-picked folk ballads. Their latest track “Robot Boy” is of the mellow kind. Featuring simmering synths, glittering guitars and hearty vocals – it feels searingly nostalgic. With an increasing number of upcoming gigs pencilled in, including an ‘Eat Your Own Ears recommends’ show at the Shacklewell Arms, they are definitely a band to keep an eye on.


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