The rising star confronts his innermost fear of heights with a searing new single.

Dominating the global music scene, the nascent artist Rhys Lewis has not come to play. Enchanting listeners with addictive pop hits, his rich repertoire has been featured all over television – including the wildly popular Love Island. And with over 750 million Spotify streams to date, there’s no sign of Lewis slowing down anytime soon.

Adding more fuel to the fire, the young artist’s latest release sees him dive headfirst into the unknown. Choosing to face his long standing fear of heights, Lewis challenges himself to the highest degree in a nail-biting music video. Jumping 15,000 feet for an airplane, Lewis is willing to put himself outside his comfort zone, in the name of art. If that isn’t dedication, we don’t know what is.

Providing some insight into this creative (and personal) process, Lewis reflects: “Around the time I wrote this song, I realised I’d been letting my anxieties have too much of a say in where I was heading in life. Every time I had an urge to do something new and scary, my fears talked me out of it. I felt like I was just coasting, stuck on autopilot, afraid to commit to a leap of faith. Then at some point, I don’t know when, the fear of change was outweighed by the need for it, and I decided to jump.”

Lewis provides a stellar example of not being complacent when it comes to self-growth. We could all take a page out of his book, as this show of bravery is the catalyst to make the jump. Whether that be literally, in Lewis’ case, or figuratively – this message goes down a treat. “To Be Alive” is easy on the ears, as shimmering guitars, and 80s-esque synths pave the way for Lewis’ hearty vocals. The production crescendos, simmers, and then explodes into euphoric bliss. Lyrics like ‘I wanna know what it means to be alive”, are unabashedly honest – and we could all use more vulnerability in today’s internet landscape.

“To Be Alive” was released ahead of Lewis’ upcoming album, Corner of the Sky. Set to be unleashed on January 20th, the album changed up his outlook on life, providing a means of escapism. If “To Be Alive” is anything to go by, then Corner of the Sky will take the world by storm; we’ll definitely be along for the ride.

To listen to Rhys Lewis’ new single “To Be Alive”, head below…