The nascent pop artist sits down with us to talk her start in music, performing live, and what else is in store.

Forging her own path in the popsphere, Frannie B is bold and unapologetic. Drawing inspiration from music industry mavericks like Rita Ora and Dua Lipa, darkness and vulnerability simmer under the surface of her earworm pop hooks. Garnering a chorus of critical praise since her debut, her latest track “Judgement Day” is simply fanning the flames.

After the emotional whirlwind that was 2021, 2022 was the year that Frannie B reclaimed her place on the stage. Playing in colossal festivals like Buckfest, performing at venues like the O2 Academy, and embarking on her first UK tour – the young artist began to cultivate a connection with live audiences.

Frannie B’s oeuvre is a diamond in the rough of the ubiquitous music scene. Bringing a dance flair to her tracks, they’re poignant yet animating. Her newest track, “Judgement Day”, was a meeting of minds, produced along with the coveted producer xskarma. The track is intimate, and searing. Frannie B’s vocals lilt along, while glittering guitars meld with hair-raising harmonies, while the production offers up sonic embellishments.

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Frannie B, to get a little bit of insight into her whirring mind. Chatting all things stage fright, to plans for the future – we covered all the bases. We were lucky to catch her, as with over 2 million total streams on Spotify, as well as airplay on the tastemaking BBC Radio – it won’t be long until Frannie B is the name on everyone’s lips.

To read our interview with Frannie B, head below…

Hey Frannie B! How are you today?

Hey, I’m good, thanks! I feel like I need a long holiday after the madness of Christmas!

What did you eat for breakfast?

I’m trying to start the new year healthy so I’m back on the smoothies at the minute. Today I had mixed berries and banana with flax seeds, cinnamon, almond butter and cordyceps mushroom powder (apparently that’s good for your immune system)… But by Feb I’ll definitely be back on the pastries!

What are the songs you have in your current rotation?

I’m currently loving a bit of Max Drazen “Blurry Pictures”, a bit of Tate McRae “Uh Oh” and there’s actually always a bit of musical theatre in my rotation. Currently I still love the songs from that Eurovision film Fire Saga, they just make me so happy!

Could you talk us through how you got your start in music?

I started out in choirs, and doing bits of musical theatre when I was very young, and I realised I loved performing. I started recording music properly at uni, and I began to focus on creating a lot of music and learning how to studio engineer and produce. I have always loved writing though, I think that will always be my favourite part of the process.

Do you remember the first song you ever made? Did you play it for anyone?

Yes! I was around 3 or 4 when I wrote my first song ever (each verse was only about 2 lines long) and I gathered my whole family together so that I could perform it for them – they still all remember how it goes! But I wrote my first ‘proper’ song when I was about 13, and then actually used it to get my place at uni a few years later.

Congrats on your latest single “Judgement Day”! What was your inspiration for the track?

Thanks so much! Everywhere I look at the minute it feels like everyone is talking about how the world is ending, so I started with that as the baseline concept. I then thought about who I would want to be with when the apocalypse comes. If all our souls are being weighed and judged at the end then I’d need that one person who would look beyond that and who wouldn’t scrutinise my flaws on my “Judgement Day”.

You’ve played a lot of festivals and shows. Do you get stage fright at all?

I used to get really nervous before shows and sometimes I still do – especially if it’s the first show of a run/tour, or if there are any parts I’m not sure about. But usually after the first few lines the adrenaline kicks in and I start to really enjoy it!

What’s your favourite thing about playing live?

I love the energy from a live crowd, and the challenge of keeping the audience’s attention when you play songs they might not know. One of my favourite things is engaging with the audience, and making each show personal to whoever is there. Growing up I went to the kind of concerts where the artist would actively chat to the crowd and pick people out which I always loved, so that’s something I now like to do in my own shows.

You collabed with producer xskarma on “Judgement Day”. Do you have any other dream collaborators?

Honestly so many… I’d love to work with this amazing artist and writer called Daniel Seavey, I think JVKE would be awesome to work with, and I’d love to get in the studio with Charlie Puth.

And finally, what’s next for you? In five years’ time – where do you see yourself headed?

I’m so bad at planning as I know how unpredictable everything can be, but I’d like to be playing bigger shows (hopefully some more headline shows too). It would be great to travel more and work on music in new places, and ideally I’d love to be getting in the studio with some of my favourite artists.

To listen to Frannie B’s latest track “Judgement Day”, head below…