In light of the pioneering designer’s passing, we look back on her most iconic looks.

Westwood was a fearless pioneer, and she burgeoned from the punk movement to grace us with her creative vision. As a designer, she was able to wield the past in order to create the future. Dreaming up bold silhouettes, prints, and overarching concepts – this punk provocateur irrevocably changed fashion’s landscape for the better. Taking a moment to reflect on Westwood’s legacy, we’ve gathered together five of her most iconic looks.

Fall/Winter 1990 “Portrait Collection”

Starting off with some of Vivienne Westwood’s most recognisable designs, the F/W 1990 “Portrait Collection” was an instant hit. Westwood drew inspiration from the 18th century, in more ways than one. The collection featured an array of dazzling corsets, which are an updated version of an 18th century ‘stay’. Embellished with gorgeous Rococo era artwork, these pieces went on to grace the likes of FKA Twigs and Bella Hadid — decades after their initial release. There’s no denying that these corsets have star power.

Buy less, choose well, make it last

Vivienne Westwood’s pioneering legacy cannot solely be attributed to her designs, but also to the ethos behind them. Sustainability was of utmost importance to the designer, and she firmly held the belief that slow fashion was a powerful principle to adopt. “Buy less, choose well, make it last” embodies the idea that, by carefully consuming fashion — paying attention to the quality, materials, and getting good use out of it, we are taking steps to care for the Earth.

Fall/Winter 1993 “Anglomania”

The iconic “Anglomania” show was the embodiment of ‘more is more’. It was grand, theatrical, and it created a spectacle for those lucky enough to attend the show. Westwood and tartan are a match made in heaven, and she often used the fabric in unconventional ways. In this collection, she used tartans to create next-level silhouettes, and this particular bridal look donned by Kate Moss is a sight to behold. Carrying the thread of the models’ Versailles-esque makeup, this look screams “Let them eat shortbread!”.

Supermodel Naomi Campbell even took a tumble…

On the theme of excess, this collection was glam down to the toes. So much so, that while sauntering down the runway in the towering ‘ghillie’ heels, Naomi Campbell — a runway renegade — couldn’t help but take a tumble. Making for an iconic fashion moment, the echoes of this collection will be felt for years to come.

Spring/Summer 2010 Ready-To-Wear

Westwood was a key figure that emerged from the punk movement in the ’70s. She played a massive part in bringing punk into the collective consciousness, and with it — an unapologetic anti-injustice outlook. This is perfectly symbolised by her Spring/Summer 2010 closing look, wherein the designer dons her “Get a life” t-shirt. While at first glance this slogan looks typically brash and punk, she has explained that there’s a more profound meaning. All of her environmental efforts are in an attempt to give our future generations a chance to live, that they too “get a life”.