From last-minute Christmas shopping to must-follow mood-board accounts, the Wonderland team rounds up their obsessions of the week.

Ella – Deputy Editor

(LEFT) Louie Louie
(MIDDLE) Herbar
(RIGHT) Wednesday

Louie Louie
(MIDDLE) Herbar

USING: Herbar Face Oil
In the name of Hailey Bieber, I’ve had one mission this past year: find a way to achieve her (ever-trending) glazed skin. Granted, no skin treatment can be classified as a one-product-fits-all solution, but the seemingly impossible journey eventually led me to my new-found love, Herbar face oil. Prided on discovering the heights of natural adaptogenic powered beauty, Herbar believes that the true power of beauty comes hand-in-hand with the art of healing. Blending natural ingredients that are known to combat modern-day stresses, Herbar face oil is the only step of my beauty routine that leaves my skin feeling nourished and – more importantly – truly looked after. Did I mention the bottle deserves to be on a Pinterest board?

EATING: Retan supperclub at Louie Louie
During their-three month residency at Louie Louie in Kennington, I had the utter pleasure of bearing witness (and consuming) the expertise of travelling supper club Retan, from sommelier and chef team Cameron Dewar and Josh Dallaway. Treated to modest courses of the finest of French cuisine, each dish served came with it an effortless display of the passion behind the duo — who dispelled endless knowledge of each course created down to the very last grain of seasoning. And, with the supper club looking to take up permanent residency in 2023, it looks like you won’t have to wait too long to see and taste the mastery for yourself.

WATCHING: Wednesday
When it comes to my Netflix nights, there are only two genres I look for: horror and Jenna Ortega. Luckily, Tim Burton married the two during the creation of Wednesday. After months of teasing clips and trailers, the entire series was released — and my love for satiric soft horror was at once restored. Binging every episode, taking sizeable moments to awe at Ortega’s perfectly placed plaits and my ever-evolving love for Thing, Wednesday is just as intoxicating as my favourite cocktails: dark, addictive and finished off with a sharp twist.

Liv – Online Editor

(LEFT) Julye Han
(MIDDLE) YSL boots (unpictured)
(RIGHT) Gaetano Pesce

Julye Han
(MIDDLE) YSL boots (unpictured)
Gaetano Pesce

EYEING: Julye Han
I wish I could claim credit for finding this designer but sadly, like all chronically online people, it was handed to me by the trusty TikTok algorithm. Full of ballet shoes and pleated skirts, Julye Han’s insta is giving chic school uniform meets Phoebe Philo era Céline, which if you’ve spent more than 10 minutes in my company will know is the vibe I am constantly chasing. Take the Twist Shirt, which I’ve saved about 15 times, it’s serving surprising structure meets The Row minus the £2000 price tag. If 2022 has taught me anything (aesthetically), it’s a deep appreciation for staples and men’s tailoring, with Julye Han’s whimsy-meets-workwear creations really tapping into my newfound love of well-curated simplicity.

I’m back at it again, talking about shoes. This week’s foray into footwear takes cues from the past with the introduction of my best-ever charity shop find – a pair of vintage knee-high YSL boots. Unearthed in an overcrowded shop by my flat, they are the perfect combination of sleek silhouette with just a *hint* of slouch – so glad I pounced on them before the North London mums had a chance to get their claws in. I’ve been wearing them a lot under jeans (Levi 70’s slim straight high waist obv) but when it’s not -52 degrees in London I’m going to opt for a more 60s-esque skirt and boots situ – watch this space.

CURATING: Gaetano Pesce Moodboard
Maybe it’s just getting older but I’m entering my interiors era at the moment. While this feels a little more mid-20s core than I care to admit, my Instagram saved is currently popping off with an eclectic array of mid-century modern sofas and I’m into it. Whether this is an attempt to reconnect with my Art School days or simply fill my timeline with something other than mind-numbing memes, who can say? I’ve been staring at a lot of Gaetano Pesce pieces recently and something about the organic, tactile nature really scratches the itch in my brain. Impractical? Yes. Amazing? Also yes. So if anyone’s looking for a late Christmas present, a custom-made multi-coloured dripped resin vase would go down a treat.

Aparna – Art Director

(LEFT) Margaret Knitwear
(MIDDLE) Oysteria
(RIGHT) DIY Art Shop London

Margaret Knitwear
(MIDDLE) Oysteria
DIY Art Shop London

EYEING: Margaret Knitwear
I’ve given into the instagram algorithms lately, and apart from realising I have a worrying obsession with icing videos, I’ve discovered I have a strong liking towards giant insect graphics on knitwear – spiders and beetles in particular, thanks to Margaret Rice‘s designs. Stumbling upon her knits has set the tone for my post-solstice layering and I now have a new ritual of religiously refreshing my feed at 6 pm every Sunday for the fresh drop. Two more days for the next one!

WEARING: Oysteria
I’ve decided to bust out my custom upcycled pearls this week, just in time to clutch them for the dinner table drama on the weekend. Make way for some sustainable slay (sleigh if you may).

Time and again I keep proving I’m the weakest link of the chain, this time, by putting off gift shopping this late in the game. But, if you’re anything like me and know anyone on your gift list who would appreciate egg cups that look like Marge Simpson or vases that look like bored dogs, fret not! DIY Artshop is the place to be.

Emma – Editorial Assistant

(LEFT) Three 6 Mafia – “Underground Vol. I”
(MIDDLE) Bumper boots
(RIGHT) @godsleastfavourite

Three 6 Mafia – “Underground Vol. I”
(MIDDLE) Bumper boots

LISTENING: Three 6 Mafia – “Underground Vol. I”
This is probably one of my favourite albums, ever. I first discovered it on a camping trip at the coast with some of my best friends, and I was kind of mind blown. The influence that Three 6 Mafia, and Memphis rap in general, has had on music is palpable. From the straight-up sampling, and the ‘chopped and screwed’ production, to the ‘horrorcore’ sensibilities – it’s all in rap music today. When I listen to these tracks, I feel a very visceral sense of empowerment – enough to lift me out of any bad headspace I might be in. Imbuing me with the feeling that I could carry out a drive-by, or more likely get through my to-do list – this album is always on my rotation.

WEARING: Bumper boots
Embodying the ‘cabin sleaze’ vibe, I recently got ahold of some knee-high, fur Bumper boots – and I love them dearly. An Italian brand, these shoes are super high quality, and they’re comfy as hell. They have such an early 2000s feel, which I’m really into – and they weren’t that pricey either! Looking on vinted and ebay, they also had some super fun colours like green or red, if you wanted to go for a statement boot. I, however, opted for a black/brown pair, as it goes with the colours I tend to wear.

SCROLLING: @godsleastfavourite
I’m a sucker for inspiration, and lately I’ve been loving @godsleastfavourite on Instagram. Its bio reads “dirt, couture, camp, and more” – and I’ve been lapping up the inspo the page dishes out in spades. There’s an abundance of cool knitwear, 2000s editorials, moodboards, film stills, and I can’t get enough. If I had to describe the vibes, it’d be slightly gothic and haunting, but also delicate at the same time. When getting dressed begins to feel like a chore, this is one of the pages I turn to for inspiration.


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