The Berlin-based powerhouse talks to us about her metal band past, touring, and the power of music.

At 24 years old, Cloudy June is emerging within the Berlin music scene as one to watch. Unapologetically feminist, and a queer icon – June’s musical oeuvre interrogates our heterocentric, patriarchal society, tackling issues like sexuality and equality head-on. Getting her start as the frontwoman of a death metal band, June has changed gears – on a one track journey to cultivating her own sound.

Infusing her current work with the shock value and raw energy of metal, her pop-leaning sound merely provides a new canvas for June to explore social taboos. Beginning to amass a steady online following, her independent releases have skyrocketed to over 40 million streams – and she’s got the IRL following to boot. Selling out a headline tour in Germany, and set to embark on an extensive European tour – her new single “Devil Is A Woman” is adding more fuel to the fire.

A church bell rings in the beginning of “Devil Is A Woman”, while June immediately asserts that sexuality is hers, and hers only. A dark-pop, sex-positive anthem, the track’s production prowess captivates listeners, while lyrics like “Your paradise sucks, but your hell sounds good to me” cut through like blades. Electro embellishments shimmer, while toe-tapping beats underpin June’s sultry vocal chops. Subverting religious imagery, “Devil Is A Woman” is a bold declaration against the forces that be, which set out to oppress women’s freedom.

June’s 2023 European headline tour is on the horizon, where she’ll blaze through the UK, Germany, and France – among others. Before she heads off on her whirlwind tour, we managed to sit down with June and get some more insight into what makes her, her. From religious parents, and stage fright to her metal beginnings – we’ve got all bases are covered.

Head below to read our interview with Cloudy June…

Hey! How are you doing?

Great thanks!

We have to ask, what inspired the name Cloudy June?

My real first name is actually Claudi, which is pronounced “Cloudy” in German. So at first, I performed as Cloudy Verdecia, Verdecia being part of my real last name – that everyone mispronounced. Then a friend came up with the idea for “June” cause I was looking for something that everyone would know how to say. That’s how “Cloudy June” came to be, and I also love that the name combines something light & dark.

Can you tell us something we couldn’t read about you anywhere else?

I have that strong urge to publish poetry or short stories one day. I might do it soon, using a fake name, who knows. And I feel like I would be a good erotic novel author – I’ve never told that to anyone before!

Your independent releases have racked up over 40 million streams. Can you talk about the growth of your real-life following and your first headlining tour of Germany?

It’s wild to me what is achievable with songs and a dream. I’ve been trying to find my audience for years, reinventing myself, and trying to find out who I am. Now it feels like I’ve finally found my place. That realness resonates with people and makes them wanna come to my shows and hear the songs live.

Your new single “Devil Is A Woman” and its official video have been well-received on TikTok. Can you tell us more about the concept and message behind the song?

Devil Is A Woman is a song about breaking free from ways that people have tried to take control over your life, your beliefs, and your sexuality. If who I am does not fit in your “heaven” then I would rather be happy in hell.

Your past as the frontwoman of a death metal band must have influenced your current sound and love for shock value. Can you discuss that?

Even before I did Metal I loved to use provocative lyrics. I always liked to be direct, kinda like how I talk with my friends, and I always loved a little drama. My mother is religious, but I gave up on Jesus and the concept of heaven when I was around 10 maybe. And I think getting more into Metal, where the Devil’s name is often used as a symbol, was kinda my way to rebel at first. And then it became one of my favorite genres.

Your “Unthinkable” EP was a big hit, with 15 million+ streams for “FU In My Head” alone. What can fans expect from your upcoming new music?

Some of my best songs I have ever written. I’ve become more confident in what I wanna say and how I wanna say it. That’s gonna evolve for sure, but right now everything that’s coming feels more like this is what I wanna do.

You recently announced your “Does Your Girlfriend Tour?” 2023 European headline tour. Can you tell us more about what fans can expect from the tour and how you enjoy performing live?

I get stage fright! In 2023, I’ll be working with a coach to help me deal better with the fear. It’s not like I don’t love performing live, it’s just that I put a lot of pressure on myself.
But I want the people to have the greatest time, so the audience still always gets a good show.
I also have my band with me, so the songs sound a little more rock and raw live, which is showing my music from a different angle. And other than that, the crowds at my shows are literally the kindest people ever. Everyone around me on my last tour kept telling me. So I am super hyped to be back in 2023.

As a rising feminist and queer icon, how do you hope your music and message will inspire and empower others?

When I was younger, I looked up to Courtney Love. I rewatched her old performances and her interviews. I felt like she was the definition of unapologetic, and she inspired me to pick up my guitar more and to speak up. Today I get messages of people telling me that my music helped them to feel more confident or even to come out to someone. That’s when you really feel the impact that the songs have. And it almost feels like a full circle moment, that I get to inspire people now the way people like Courtney have inspired me – and I’m really grateful for that.

“Devil Is A Woman.” How does this impact your career and future music releases?

I thought it would be good to come back with a statement like that song. Not every song in 2023 is gonna be exactly like that, but the story kinda continues and my values will always be a part of everything.

Being based in Berlin must have influenced your music and artistry. Can you talk about that?

Berlin is such a special place. Having this city as the scenery of my everyday life definitely inspired me a lot. It feels like all the opportunities are here, to the point where you get scared of missing out. And Berlin is pretty direct and pretty in your face – which I love.

Do you have any Berlin recommendations for us?

I am ironically not a big fan of techno, but we have the Berghain here which is one of the most famous clubs in the world. So you should try to go there – if you get in – or the Sisyphos Club.
But you will catch me at Kirk Bar & Tante Emma Bar at Schlesisches Tor.

What have you got coming up in 2023?

More music – Europe Tour, some festivals. It’s gonna be a crazy year and I can’t wait.

Lastly, what’s on your Christmas Wishlist?

This year I already got myself Yungblud tickets for Christmas.

To check out Cloudy June’s new single, head below, and for more info about her European tour, head here


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