The Los Angeles-based brother and sister duo sit down to talk all things creation, collaboration, and new EP.

Liza and Weston are the two moving parts that make up Alexandra John. As twins, their life-long bond has been fortified through music. Melding together their middle names, ‘Alexandra’ and ‘John’, the two embarked on an indie-electro journey of magic making.

Their vulnerable, personal subject matter has caught the attention of fans – who feel seen by tracks like “Demons”, which deal with internal struggles like anxiety and addiction. Others like “Lock Me Down” interrogate the modern-day dating scene, offering up both male and female perspectives to the ever hard-to-navigate game of love.

Alexandra John’s debut EP “Healing” is their latest offering, which sprouted from the tepid waters of the pandemic. Yearning for their old lives, the pair welcomed in the new, as the EP’s lyrics work through the stages of grief – all the way from denial to acceptance. Sonically, the duo draw inspiration from the sparkling synths of Glass Animals, and the tantalising trip hop of Massive Attack – Alexandra John is ready to look to the future.

Sitting down, and interviewing each other for a change – the pair talk to each other about collaboration, creation, and their shimmering new EP “Healing”.

To read Alexandra John’s interview, head below…

Liza: What’s your favourite part of creating & producing?

Weston: I’d probably have to say the initial working through part of chords and melodies. When I write I feel like I get into this meditative space that I try to be in when putting ideas down.

L: What is different about making music with, your bandmate, sister & twin?

W: Well, being that we’re so close it’s certainly more natural. Writing music is mostly just being vulnerable with someone and that comes easy with you.

L: We’re both at the early stages of our career’s, what’s something on your bucket list that you would love to cross out?

W: I’d love to make an album in a studio with a bunch of different collaborators some day. I think it’d be amazing to collectively make a vibe that stems from what we’re already doing.

L: What are you most excited about for our debut EP release called “Healing?”

W: I’m most excited to get a reaction from other people. We’ve been sitting on this for sometime so it’ll be nice to let it fly and see what people think.

L: Our sound isn’t something maybe one could put their finger on, where does that familiar but unique sound come from?

W: I would say it’s an amalgamation of a bunch of different styles from different decades. I think subconsciously all ideas at least stem from something we’ve heard at some point so I like to think it’s that with our own spin.

L: Who is your dream collaborator?

W: My dream collaborator would probably be along the lines of someone like Masego or Tom Misch. Those guys are some of my favorite artists of todays music scene.

W: What’s it like making music with your twin?

L: Nothing is off limits and we can really just try out whatever comes to mind. Nothing is right or wrong in the beginning it’s just throwing everything at the wall and seeing what sticks. Working with you Wes, is the best because we can just be our most authentic selves. Writing is a very vulnerable space so it’s very comforting working with you.

W: You seem to have a knack for style, do you have a background in fashion?

L: As you know I grew up obsessed with fashion and everything runway. I had pages of Vogue, Elle & Harper’s Bazaar etc up on my walls as a kid. Music has always been my first love but fashion is definitely right there next to it. I went to Parsons The New School of Design in New York City for college. I interned anywhere I could and learned so much for my internships and my first job working at a global makeup company. Growing up in music I wanted to explore something on my own and be independent. Moving to New York gave me so many life experiences that I use as tools to create our music and brand identity as Alexandra John.

W: What’s your biggest goal for next year?

L: I would love to play our music live as much as possible. I love performing live with you. It’s the most euphoric out of body experience. Also to continue to write and work with new collaborators.

W: What has been your favorite process in making this ep?

L: Spending time with you! I went away for so many years for school and it’s been the best being able to write and release all these concepts and ideas that both of us relate to. Also coming up with ideas for videos and styling them. I love being hands on with the directors and having a say in the wardrobe and our final vision.

W: What’s your process in writing a song?

L: My songwriting always starts with a thought or a phrase. Then usually you play me a melody or track you have written and I go through my list of ideas and see what fits. I always like to start with the title and the chorus, so we know the story we are trying to say. Who are we speaking to, and what are you trying to say is key. Then comes either the verses or pre-chorus’s, bridges and so on. It’s really about feeling and allowing yourself to be wrong to find what the song is supposed to be.

W: What do you do when you hit a wall creatively?

L: I usually step out of go for a walk or yoga to meditate. I never want to feel pressured while writing because it’s a very sacred place. Writing for me, is my church where I go and talk to my highest self and see what still needs to be said and let out.

W: If you had to have a dream collab, who would it be with?

L: This is hard because I have so many influences but I would have to say Dua Lipa or Miley Cyrus. I grew up listening to them and admiring their music and it would be an absolute dream to work by their side.

To listen to Alexandra John’s new EP “Healing”, head below…


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