Lana Del Rey, SZA, and Knucks drop some heat in this week’s Wonderlist.

IG: @neilkrug

IG: @neilkrug

Lana Del Rey – “Did you know that there’s a tunnel under Ocean Blvd”

This week has been big for us sad girls! Lana Del Rey hit us where it hurts, with her new release “Did you know that there’s a tunnel under Ocean Blvd”. Put out into the world ahead of her upcoming album, which was announced on the 7th of December, this new single is quintessential Lana. Her crooning vocals lilt along, while an orchestral swell builds into a feat of melancholic bliss. Lana’s lyricism is painfully poignant, as per. Lyrics like “I can’t help but feel somewhat like my body marred my soul/ Handmade beauty sealed up by two man-made walls/ And I’m like when’s it gonna be my turn?” have us, quite literally, sliding down the wall. We’re not crying – you are!


In a quick one-two punch, SZA gave us even more yearning material with the release of her long-awaited album SOS. SZA’s sheer musical fortitude is on display in her sophomore project, wherein she meanders between R&B, Indie, Pop-Rock, and more. Tracks like “Shirt” and “Good Days” are blissfully atmospheric – with sharp lyrical stabs having us rethinking our entire lives. Other tracks, like “F2F” call to mind Avril Lavinge’s nostalgic thrashing pop-punk. The project as a whole transcends genre – and after five long years, we’re ecstatic that SZA is back.

Moncrieff – “Perfect”

The London-based artist has been making waves, giving fans sensitive sonic portraits of his vast emotional landscape. His latest offering “Perfect” unfurls his soulful vocals over hearty piano chords, while tentative strings lilt into a crescendo. A belting ballad, Moncrieff’s new track demonstrates the young artist’s ability to pull at our heartstrings. Speaking about the release, Moncrieff reflects: “Perfect is a very personal song for me about all those small moments in a relationship that make you realise that something isn’t as perfect as it once felt. It can be so hard to admit that something just isn’t right in a relationship and, despite your loyalty and care towards each other, sometimes good things come to an end.” With nods of respect from the likes of Elton John, and Aviicii – this is just the beginning for Moncrieff.

Knucks – “Alpha Place (Deluxe)”

After winning a coveted MOBO award last week, Knucks is back to bring the heat with the deluxe version of his critically acclaimed album Alpha Place. Alpha Place (Deluxe) features an additional two songs – amping up the commanding flow, and lyrical fortitude that Knucks dishes out in spades. Accompanied by the trailer of a new two-part documentary “Knuckles”, it follows his album release – told through the voices of his family, friends, and collaborators. A shining star within the UK music scene, Knuck’s new documentary is set to paint a picture of the most groundbreaking rap talent we’ve seen in recent years.

LCY – “0NLY 0NE”

Sprouting from the UK’s underground scene, LCY has continued to solidify their place in the game with electrifying releases. Hailing from London, the nascent star unveils their new single “0NLY 0NE” – ahead of an upcoming album /Y\, which is set to stream in January. The second single in a string of releases from /Y\, “0NLY 0NE” builds upon the sonic foundation that was laid by the first single “Cherubim”. More up-beat, and heady – the song features a meditative repetition of the words “only one”, wherein LCY alludes to ownership and dependency, while also hinting at subtlety. “Overall it’s just trying to be a song to shake your bum to non-abrasively in the club, or at home in your own little box”, they reflect.

Virgin Miri – “Basic Ordinary Ugly”

Drawing inspiration from pop icons like Britney Spears and Aqua, Virgin Miri always had dreams that were astronomically bigger than the rural village she grew up in. With New York as her current stomping ground, Miri has begun to gain momentum – and she’s fanning the flames with her new release “Basic Ordinary Ugly”. Distorted, blown-out synthesisers underpin Miri’s honey-like vocals – which cut through the surface with her tongue-in-cheek lyricism. Co-produced by music maverick T-minus, whose production chops have been lent to the likes of J. Cole, Travis Scott, and Kendrick Lamar – Miri is in good hands. Wielding an infectious melding of pop melodies, and trailblazing beats – Miri has her sights set on the stars; we’re definitely along for the ride.

Mac Wetha ft. Biig Piig & Lord Apex – “Don’t You Go Falling In Love”

Multihypenate Mac Wetha joins forces with Irish vocal talent Biig Piig and underground gem Lord Apex to offer up a hopelessly romantic, feel-good pop hit. Wetha and Piigs’ voices dance, and play off of each other – harmonising in spine-tingling bliss. Drawn out guitars bring the vocals back down to the ground, which build into Lord Apex’s scintillating verse. Lamenting a past love, the track is accompanied by uber-cool lo-fi visuals – which show the trio wandering amongst London’s cityscape, without a care in the world. About the track Wetha reflects, “We wrote this on a sunny day with the doors wide open, the tune came together very quickly and organically and felt right from the jump.” That feel-good vibe emanates from the track, and we just can’t get enough.

MJ Nebrada – “Amor En Los Tiempos De Odio”

Rising artist MJ Nebrada is shaping up to be one of the freshest new talents to emerge out of Miami. With an eclectic approach to her electronically-laced beats, “Amor En Los Tiempos De Odio” is the latest offering to come from the searing star. Translating to “love in times of hate” in English, the young artist’s new EP is a feat of love-drunk, bolstering energy. Latin music has a knack for getting your body moving, and MJ Nebrada’s EP carries that thread. High-octane, and pulsing with passion – the young artist reflects on the project, saying, “‘​Amor en los Tiempos de Odio’ is an EP I dedicate to Venezuelan music culture. I was very inspired by raptor house and the tambores of Venezuelan electronic music. They are all love songs submerged in society”. Pues, que lo que?

ABISHA – “I Think I Love You”

Finishing off a piping-hot year in a blaze, nascent alt-pop artist ABISHA brings the heat with new single “I Think I Love You”. In this new track, the young artist goes down the rabbit-hole of dance music – drawing inspiration from modern UK Garage. Full to the brim with beaming energy, and carried along by ABISHA’s self-assured, cool-as-ice vocals. As the party invites start rolling in this holiday season, “I Think I Love You” is on track to be a party hit. Valiantly flying the flag for the LGBTQIA+ community, ABISHA is a beacon of inspiration – healing her inner child by stepping up to the gay figure she wished she had during her formative years. On this she reflects, “I hope that it helps young queer people out there feel seen, heard and represented.” We’re always here for artists using their voice to speak up for issues close to their hearts, and ABISHA has the tunes to boot.


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