Hailing from Taiwan, the fresh producing talent offers up a genre-bending studio album meandering between trap, dubstep, and hardcore.

Inspired by the spellbinding folk and fairy stories she was told as a child, rising star RayRay infuses her new album Unearthly World with pure celestial sensibilities. Consisting of 10 tracks, the album oscillates between a vast range of genres; the proof is in the pudding of RayRay’s unparalleled producing talent. Throughout, the young artist joins forces with a range of artists, such as Nonsens, JVNA, and Dirty Audio amongst others, to craft up an utterly transcendent body of work.

The first Taiwanese artist to perform at Tomorrowland festival, RayRay is shaping up to be a shining star within the music scene. A trailblazer of sorts, RayRay harbours the whole package, backing up her ethereal sound with the ultimate cool-girl style to boot. Churning out hits since 2016 – there’s no sign of RayRay slowing down anytime soon; her latest album is sure to solidify her place in the game.

Don’t get it twisted – we’re not the only ones taking notice. For a while now, critics and fans alike have been drawn in and enticed by RayRay’s sheer talent. The young artist is buddy-buddy with the likes of Skrillex and Steve Aoki – no biggie! She’s even played at major music festivals like Glastonbury and Sonar. Wielding a wealth of artistic inspiration to propel herself into the future – we’ve had the pleasure of sitting down with RayRay. Chatting to her about how she got her start, fairy tales, and what’s on the horizon – we took a peek into the artist’s whizzing mind.

To read our interview with RayRay, head below…

Hey RayRay! How are you doing today?

I’m good! Thank you so much!

Where are we speaking to you from?

I’m currently in Tokyo, Japan for the holidays!

What was the first thing you thought about this morning?

Eating as much sushi as I can!

Could you tell us a bit about how you started making music?

At a young age, I was into Hip-Hop, R&B, Funk, and Soul music, and I started learning turntablism and the cello. After that, I started focusing on my own music production because I didn’t want to just have the other artists’ music in my DJ set. I wanted to make my own music and create my own sound.

Do you remember the first song you ever made? Did you play it for anyone?

Yeah I remember. I played it to my friends back then to get their feedback. It’d sound so bad right now if you heard it, but it definitely shows all of my progress.

Congratulations on your new album Unearthly World! Can you tell us a little bit about how it was conceptualised?

Unearthly is a very vague word, but it’s also a word which links to my alien branding. From my past EP “Purple Alien” to “Alien Invasion” to “Alien Mutation”, and now we are talking about a world that only exists in hearts or in other dimensions.

Over the past 2 years, there have been so many changes in my life. I was torn apart after the loss of my cousin and my good friend, my breakup, and my depression. Music has been my only getaway, so I decided to make an album to express my feelings and everything I have been experiencing. Through this album, I want to share my true self with my fans. I want to provide my audience with the diversity of my sound and my vocals. I want to introduce the listeners to my own unearthly world.

You reference folk and fairy stories from your childhood in the album. What do you think draws us to these kinds of stories?

Imagination plays a very important role in my music. Folk & fairy stories are usually about love and emotions. I tried to pour all the emotions in the album and link them to the songs.

Do you have a favourite fairy tale in particular?

I love this one “The Goddess Chang’e Fly to The Moon”. It’s about a woman who steals an elixir of immortal life from her husband, before flying and landing on the moon where she was the celestial body closest to Earth – therefore becoming a goddess.

You collaborate with a lot of other artists on this album like Nonsens, JVNA, and Dirty Audio. How does your approach differ when you’re working solo, compared to collaborating with someone else?

I like working with different artists. I always learn a lot from them. I like to create demos first, and send them to the artists or we just vibe in the studio together to finish the songs. You can always stick to your main ideas and concepts when you work solo, but when you work with other artists, you can always learn from their different approaches and ideas. The best part of having collabs is you never know what the song will lead you to!

We’ve heard that you’ve been in the studio with industry giants like Skrillex and Steve Aoki. Is there anyone you haven’t worked with yet that you’d like to?

Noisia. I’ve been really into drum & bass recently. I’ve been listening to all the records from Noisia. The excellent sound designs, the exquisite layers, and the energy of their productions are always a source of inspiration for me.

And finally, what can we expect to see from you next? Are there any more projects or performances in the works that you can tell us about?

I just did a concert at a 1000 person capacity venue in Taiwan, and it was the first full production show I’ve ever done by myself, with my team. We are going to plan for the album tour in Asia and the US, which will combine my live shows and club shows together next year. Also, we are planning to do a deluxe album early next year. I also just signed with a new agent in the US. I’m looking forward to spending more time in the US, and to start building my music community there.

To check out RayRay’s new album “Unearthly World”, head below…


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