The rising star steps into the spotlight in ITV’s highly anticipated new period drama.

Karla Simone Spece

Photography by Lee Malone
Styling by Emily Tighe
Glam by Joe Pickering-Taylor

Karla Simone Spece
Photography by Lee Malone

Get ready to be swept away by the captivating Karla-Simone Spence, who is making her way onto the silver screen in the highly anticipated series, The Confessions of Frannie Langton. Previously seen opposite Wonderland cover star Micheal Ward in Blue Story, the rising star is now taking on the leading role of Frannie Langton in ITV’s latest period drama, the series chronicling Spence’s sensitive portrayal of a young woman born into a life of slavery who is determined to tell her own story.

Set against the opulent backdrop of Georgian London, the series follows Frannie’s journey from the plantations of Jamaica to the grand Mayfair mansion of renowned scientist George Benham and his wife, Madame Marguerite Benham (played by the talented Sophie Cookson). Spence’s performance is nothing short of mesmerizing as she brings Frannie’s complex and inspiring story to life. With her striking beauty and undeniable talent, Karla-Simone is one to watch as she takes the world by storm.

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Photography by Lee Malone

Hey Karla! How’s your day been so far? What’s one thing you’re looking forward to today apart from this chat?
Hey!, It’s been really chill, I had a little lie in today. I’m most excited about this chat to be honest, but I’m also looking forward to catching up with a good friend of mine this evening with a glass of white wine!

Congratulations on your role as Frannie Langton! Can you take us back to the moment you got the part?
Thank you, I appreciate it! The day I found out I got the part I had recently done my third round of auditions with Andrea, the director and the casting team. I think it was a few days or a week since, but I had this build up of anxious energy because I kind of gave myself an ultimatum after leaving the audition, I poured my soul into that room and I remember saying to myself afterwards If I don’t get this then i’m done. It had been over two years since my last role and the rejections were starting to take its toll on me. So when I got the call from my agent, with another number patched in which I wasn’t familiar with, I was on edge! She told me that Kharmel, the casting director was on the line and asked me how I thought the audition went, and I’m like don’t play with me!, I think it went great!, What’s happening! And she told me I got the role and I was so relieved and stunned to be honest, I let out a little scream, it was a dream come true!

It’s obviously a big responsibility to take on a story like Frannie’s! Were you ever daunted by the part and how did you deal with that?
Yeah, It was a massive responsibility and I think more so when the character your playing already exists within a book. I wanted to honour the woman that is already loved in the novel whilst also making her my own. But I wouldn’t say I was daunted by it, By the time this role came around I was ready for it and invigorated by the feeling of knowing that this is my time and my chance to breathe life into an incredible character, a lead, titular role that does not come by often for women who look like me and the fact that she’s a Jamaican woman, like myself was the cherry on top!

If you could sum up Frannie in three words, what would they be?
Summing up Frannie in three words is a challenge, I wouldn’t even know how to sum myself up! And that’s the great thing about her character, she has so much nuance. But I will say she’s intelligent!, Naive and very brave!

The show is, of course, based on Sara Collins’ book of the same name. Did you give it a read before starting shooting or did you prefer to go in blind?
As soon as I got to the third round I bought the book! I still have my tattered, highlighted version on my bookshelf. It’s such a blessing to have a whole book about the character you’re playing alongside the script, it was my holy grail. I was able to pull from the given backstory and combine it with my own methods of creating a real person. When I finished reading the book, I felt so close to her and she never left me during the whole process.

You worked with an amazing cast on the project, namely, Sophie Cookson and Patrick Martins! Tell us about the relationships you guys shared on set?
I had such a lovely time working with my cast! Me and Sophie were fortunate enough to have spent a little time rehearsing together before filming commenced. So I was able to get to know her a bit and I really enjoyed our time together on set, It was a very collaborative and comfortable experience and it was a joy working with her and the same goes for Patrick! he’s such a lovely guy, you’d have thought we knew each other beforehand, but we just clicked and I’m really grateful for his friendship!

This isn’t your first taste of a big role, however, it obviously must feel like a milestone in your career! What’s been the hardest but most worth-it moment in the journey here?
Yeah, It’s a really important milestone for me!, it’s my first time getting a role of this magnitude. It’s everything I’ve ever wanted, a three dimensional character who has an incredible story arc. I’m so grateful that I was given the opportunity bring Frannie to life and glad that I have Sara, the writers approval. I truly care for this character so much and there was definitely many hard moments that were all worth it for me, but I can’t reveal them without giving any spoilers, but what I can say is that there were many moments of raw vulnerability for Frannie and I was right there with her. It was heart wrenching, but also cathartic. And dare I say worth it as I hope the audience will be right there with her too.

With a starring role out of the way, what would be your ultimate acting part to grab?
I think my ultimate acting gig right now would be me playing the lead character in a film. But I want to do it all! That’s the dream, right? I’m itching to do my own stunts, so maybe an action film will be in the cards someday! I’d love to work with A24 and I’d love to do something lighthearted like a rom-com!


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