Lewis Capaldi, A$AP Rocky, and PinkPantheress hold it down in this week’s Wonderlist.

PinkPatheress – “Boy’s a liar”

Our Garage-pop princess, PinkPantheress, is back at it again with her new single “Boy’s a liar”. Hotly-anticipated – a snippet of the track has taken TikTok by storm over the past few weeks, and everybody and their mother have been gagging for more. At long last, PinkPantheress graced us with the full release, and for that we are oh so thankful. As the young talent details a ‘will he won’t he?’ situation, 8-bit synths chime and twinkle over a booming Garage beat. Infused with hints of that almost carnal jersey club sound, PinkPantheress’ angelic vocals lay ever so delicately over top – beckoning us to hit replay. In our eyes, she can simply do no wrong.

A$AP Rocky – “Shittin’ Me”

A$AP Rocky has a knack for knocking out banger after banger; “Shittin’ Me” is exactly that. A booming, reverberating bass underpins Rocky’s skillful, commanding flow. Finding ourselves hanging onto every one of his words, Rocky’s sheer musical fortitude is on full display. Harnessing the production prowess of Kelvin Krash, this track is added to the slew of collaborations the pair have crafted up. Rocky’s fans have been anxiously anticipating a new project from him, and this release could be a sign that a new album is right around the corner.

Bilk – “Be Someone”

Essex-based punk band Bilk is sending shockwaves with their raucous new single “Be Someone”. Comprised of Sol Abrahams, Luke Hare, Harry Gray, the trio have made a name for themselves as one of the most eye-catching acts on the underground circuit. The single sees the cult band channelling the energy of Arctic Monkeys, The Jam, and Eminem to create a unique blend of indie, rap, and punk. It’s an electrifying sound that has already earned them over 6 million streams on Spotify and a memorable appearance at Reading & Leeds Festival earlier this year.

Blvck Viølet – “Hate Me”

Blvck Viølet – Harrison Walker and Sam Hurst – are pushing the boundaries of emotion with their latest record, “Hate Me”. The track combines mellow melodies and soaring guitar solos to create a beguiling soundscape that allows the duo to showcase their delicate yet powerful vocal capabilities. Lyrically, “Hate Me” leans into themes of heartbreak, love, and loss, offering a glimpse into the pair’s most vulnerable side yet. Having gained traction across their bedroom-studio in Dorset, their talents have seen them reach new heights. The band were crowned runners-up in the Isle Of Wight Festival 2022 “New Blood” competition.

Prima Queen – “Butter Knife”

Sprouted from the unyielding bond of female friendship, Prima Queen is the musical union of Louise Macphail and Kristin McFadden. Taking it in turns, one pens the lyrics, setting the tone for the track – while the other crafts up a sonic landscape – complete with ethereal, grounding guitars. Their new release, “Butter Knife” is a feat of spoken-word catharsis – unfurling the searing pain experienced when losing a loved one slowly to Alzheimer’s. Prima Queen reflects, “When they pass away the loss is confusing because not only are you grieving the person you knew before the illness, but also the person they became.” This kind of vulnerability is refreshing for us to bear witness to, and after a slew of jam-packed and sold-out performances at places like The Lexington – we’re nowhere near the only ones who feel this way.

Ellen Krauss – “This Time Of Year”

The Swedish alt-pop singer/songwriter, Ellen Krauss, brings us a melancholy reflection on the whirlwind of emotions that the holiday season tends to tease out. Juxtaposing feelings of togetherness with isolation, Krauss draws inspiration from those who have no one to celebrate with this “Time Of Year”. Accompanied by a music video, the evocative nature of the track’s intricate instrumentals and soaring guitars is brought to the surface. Featuring Krauss’ good friend as the lead, the music video perfectly project’s the heart of “This Time Of Year”. Reflecting on her new single Krauss says, “This Time Of Year is a story about feeling lost and rootless in a time where we’re expected to feel the most ‘at home’”.We’re always here for artists using their voices to speak up for the unheard, and Krauss’ new single is a feat of mournful mastery.

Joanie – “Kerosene”

Joanie’s aptly titled new single, “Kerosene”, is pure fire. Following up her debut single “Schadenfreude” – Joanie’s captivating croon is utterly hypnotising. Crafting up Blondie-esque tracks, Joanie’s dark, pulsing disco sound is setting her miles apart from the rest. Produced by fellow rising artist Jessica Winter, “Kerosene” draws on the intoxicating salaciousness depicted in the homoerotic ‘70s cult classic film Pink Narcissus. A punch-drunk exploration of obsession, debauchery, and escapism – the surrealness of the track is brought out by an equally dazzling music video. In the spellbinding visuals, reflected and refracted llight spill onto almost every scene, while Joanie looks as if she was plucked right out of Studio 54. Released ahead of her debut EP “Neurotica”, this new track is “Kerosene” to an already blazing fire.

Shenna – “Ms. Grinch”

Drawing on Motown and old school classics, rising star Shenna uses her rich repertoire of references to spin a fresh take on a Christmas song with “Ms. Grinch”. Playful, fun, and contagiously upbeat – that warm holiday feeling simply emanates from this track. Recorded at Shenna’s home studio in New York, the young artist harnesses feelings of togetherness and nostalgia – dreaming up the perfect track to enjoy with your loved ones at Christmas. Just one piece of the puzzle, “Ms. Grinch” forms part of a three track Christmas EP called “Dear December Slow Down”. Unlike the project’s title, with a chorus of critical praise, there’s no sign of Shenna slowing down anytime soon.

Jaykae – “One Man Soldier”

Hailing from Birmingham, the pioneering artist Jaykae debuts his scorching new track “One Man Soldier”. After a slew of dance and club-oriented releases, Jaykae goes back to the basics – throwing it back to his roots. The scintillating sound that cemented his place as a mainstay in the UK Grime scene is called back to in “One Man Soldier”, wherein Jaykae’s commanding flow holds it down amongst a layered symphony of trap hats, violins, and arpeggiated synths. The multilayered sound displayed in “One Man Soldier” is echoed by its music video – lensed by Otis Dominique and RAYE. The soaring visuals feel like a shot of adrenaline, as quick-cuts of close-ups, long-shots, digital, and VHS footage are spliced together with reckless abandon. With collaborations with the likes of Skepta, Stormzy, and Jorja Smith under his belt – this musical comeback is sure to make some waves.

Lewis Capaldi – “Pointless”

Lewis Capaldi returns to music with a soaring hit “Pointless”. Penned along with Ed Sheeran, this new track marks a milestone for Capaldi’s sound – teasing us with what’s to come off of his new album Broken By Desire to be Heavenly Sent, which is set for release in May 2023. No frills, no unnecessary embellishments – this new album is stripped down to its bare bones, which is more than enough for Capaldi’s astute lyricism to take hold. “I don’t want to create a new sound for myself, or reinvent myself.” says Capaldi. “The songs I want to write are emotional songs, about love or loss.” We can totally respect that, if it ain’t broke – don’t fix it! And with Capaldi’s chart topping, wave-making tunes – we’re absolutely buzzing for what’s to come.

Debbie – “Cousin’s Car” ft. BERWYN

At the tender age of 22, singer/songwriter Debbie is shaping up to be a shining star within the UK music scene. Besties with none other than Stormzy, the two of them go way back – from performing together at the EMA’s last month, to hitting the studio to dream up the aptly named “Firebabe”. Debbie’s voice is spine-tinglingly smooth, and in “Cousin’s Car” her enchanting croon weaves between tentative guitar strings and crescendoing pianos. Dubbed the ‘First Lady’ of the illustrious 0207 Def Jam record label, Debbie’s musical prowess transcends her mere 22 years. Joining forces with Trinidadian rapper BERWYN, the two made magic with “Cousin’s Car”; we can’t wait to see what else Debbie pulls out of the bag.

Pupa Nas T, Denise Belfon, and Kevin McKay – “Work”

Recently, the Soca genre has been diffusing into collective consciousness as a go-to for carnal, danceable beats. The OG classic released in 2001, “Work”, was an unforgettable feat of buoyant soca rhythms, raw energy, and Denise Belfon’s belting vocals. Twenty years on, the track has been reworked by Kevin McKay, whose production prowess is revered by the likes of David Guetta and Fatboy Slim. The idea for the remix came to McKay while he was playing at Night Tales in Hackney with Armând. Mixing the “Work” acapella with a palpitating house cut – the dancefloor erupted. This reaction made an impact on McKay, inspiring him to make his own edit – and the rest was history. Re-contextualising this classic for a whole new audience, “Work” is invigorated through this new lease of life.


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