At Art Basel Miami Beach, the doors are open to the pop icon’s hotly-anticipated ‘Sex’ exhibition.

Renowned curator, Anthony Vaccarello, took it upon himself to embark on the reissue of Madonna’s iconic Sex photobook, in light of the 30th anniversary since its release. Teaming up with Madonna to vitalise its pages, Vaccarello helps to breathe new life into the book by means of an exhibition presented by Saint Laurent Rive Droite. Originally released in 1992, Sex was nothing short of a cultural reset. While it made some members of the public clutch their pearls and reach for a Bible, this photobook entered the collective consciousness as a subversive, powerful reclamation of sexuality.

Its glossy, evocative pages grace the walls of the Saint Laurent beachfront gallery, re-contextualising and reimagining Sex for a whole new audience. Hotly-anticipated, Miami as a cultural hub seems quite pertinent a place to bring some fresh eyes to Sex. As a melting pot of cultures, and an affinity for the unorthodox – Miami sets the perfect stage for Madonna’s photobook to continue to pushing the envelope, and challenging the codes of the creative establishment.

To feast your eyes upon the Sex-hibition, the Saint Laurent beachfront gallery is open (for free) to any visitors over the age of 18 until the 4th of December, from 10am to 7pm.

For more information, and to arrange your visit, head here