The alt hip-hop artist on-the-rise joins Dear Sunday to offer up a fresh indie-infused track.

The upcoming artist, Wesley Black, is emerging as Boorloo/Perth’s freshest alt hip-hop talent. Off of the heels of his explosively successful debut EP, “Angel” – this new release is a change of pace. Celebrated for his knack for crafting up trap-inspired, alt hip-hop tunes – Black is opting to show his fans that there’s more than one side to him. Changing gears, “Sleepless Nights” is a quintessential indie-rock track, given an edge with his typical trap flair.

Enlisting the help of the indie-rock group Dear Sunday, Black breathed new air into his sound. In “Sleepless Nights”, listeners are hooked with the track’s pulsating percussion – drawing you in further with its spellbinding concoction of melancholic modulated electric guitars and bass synthesisers. Brought back down to earth by vulnerable, emotive lyrics – the track’s driving point is a tale as old as time. Oftentimes we find ourselves at a crossroads when a relationship has run its course. Do you retreat back to comfort? Or, do you embark on a journey unknown?

Shedding light on this, Black reflects: “‘Sleepless Nights’ is one of those songs that sounds a lot happier than it really is. In reality, I wrote this song at a pretty down time in my life. All I wanted was to hear back from someone I hadn’t spoken to in ages. When the time finally came, we spoke for the entire night; unfortunately for me, that was essentially the last time we spoke. I treasured that moment so much that I wrote a song about it.” Black also added that Dear Sunday’s joint efforts helped to infuse the melancholic track with an upbeat indie-rock ambience, putting a positive spin on the situation.

Since his debut EP, Black has garnered an array of attention from numerous media outlets. It’s only a matter of time before Wesley Black is the name on everyone’s lips; we’re just here to spread the prophecy. With Black’s aptly-named new track, you won’t want to sleep on “Sleepless Nights”.

To listen to Wesley Black’s new single featuring Dear Sunday “Sleepless Nights”, head below…