The Israel-based rock band tells all in an illuminating interview following the release of album “Hooked”.

In 2021, sprouting from the creative genius of brothers Niv and Itai Ortal, who’ve already made a name for themselves as music producers, the first seeds of the band Achley Bachley were sown. After the explosive success of their debut single, “Tear My Heart Away”, the brothers decided it was time to expand. Enlisting the help of fellow bandmates Omer, Adi, and Yotam who were swept up along the way – Achley Bachley was fortified. Hailing from Israel, the band have transcended borders, garnering fans from all over the globe.

Achley Bachley’s latest album is an impactful rock record, full to the brim with intricate instrumental arrangements and skillful guitars. Through their tongue-in-cheek lyricism and triumphant guitars, the band have proved themselves to be a mainstay in the music scene. Collaborating with the likes of Disney’s Ariel Mann, and Israeli guitar maestro, Guy Be’er – the record is a perfect concoction of musical artistry.

Lyrically, Hooked holds a magnifying glass to our mixed-up post-covid generation. Always looking for our next fix, we’re never not searching for something to fill the void. Whether that be Netflix, Tinder, or TikTok – these days, anything is better than deafening silence; Achley Bachley shine a light on this. Self-aware, yet bright – Hooked is a shining example of pure artistic energy.

We had the pleasure of talking to Achley Bachley, and taking a peek into the inner workings of their mind. From guilty pleasures to plans for the future, we’ve got all the bases covered.

Head below to read our interview with Achley Bachley…

Hey Achley Bachley! How are you guys today?

We are doing great! Thank you. We just released our debut album and have started
working on our next one while performing across our home country. It’s been a wild ride!

What’s the last thing that made you all laugh?

While recording backing vocals for our song “Safe”, we found out that our guitarist, Adi,
was moaning in the recording instead of shouting. Itai found out in the mixing process haha.

How did you guys meet?

Well, Niv and I (Itai) are siblings. We founded AB in our studio during Covid and asked
Omer, whom we met in college, to record Bass for our first singles. After a few months, we decided to form a full band. We reached out to Omer, who was happy to join in, and reached out to an old friend, Adi, who played guitar in bands with us in middle school. We still needed a full-time drummer, and we were out of options. So, Omer suggested his long-time friend, Yotam, who also studied at our college. Yotam turned out to be a perfect fit for the band, and ever since, they all stuck to the group.

What role does music play in your relationship? Or, is it strictly ‘band talk?

We all came to know each other from playing music, so it’s a big aspect of our relationship.

Congrats on your titular single “Hooked On Obsessions”! How did it take shape?

Thank you! “Hooked on Obsessions”’s creation was a truly fun and quick process. Itai and
I (Niv) started jamming in the studio on that chord progression that felt very refreshing
as a punk tune. We loved the topic that came to Itai’s mind very fast, and we just had
fun with it. It only took about an hour until the whole song was written – and we started
production. It was clear to us that the production should deliver a catchy yet very
amusing vibe, including: a jazzy part, a ridiculous scream, and some funny vocal acting.
To finish all that crazy production, we knew we were missing a solo at the end.
Somehow, we got in touch with the AMAZING Derek Sherinian (Dream Theater, Alice
Cooper), that sent us over this face-melting solo at the outro. We are thrilled with how
it turned out!

What’s your writing process like? Is it a collaborative effort, or does one of you take the reigns?

Our writing process is always different. To keep our sound refreshing with every song, we approach each song differently. Most of the time Itai comes up with lyrics or a melody and the rest of the band joins the composition or production. But sometimes we start off by jamming, or a writing session, or Niv comes up with a lyrical idea. We gotta spice things up.

What’s a secret obsession of yours?

Probably cooking big crazy meals. After each rehearsal or recording session, you will find
us eating like crazy. Itai is a huge fan of Ariana Grande and Beyonce haha. It keeps him motivated!

What are some artists on your current rotation?

Gary Clark Jr, Wheel, Gojira, Goodbye June, Delta Sleep.

Are there any particular bands that have had an influence on your sound?

My Chemical Romance, Imagine Dragons, Fall Out Boy, Pearl Jam, Avenged Sevenfold.

If you could go back in time to talk to your eight-year-old selves, would they be surprised you’re in a band? What advice would you give them?

Some of us won’t be surprised and some would. We would have said, “Stop wasting
your time on stupid video games and go practice!”

Lastly, what’s next for Achley Bachley? This time next year, what would you have liked to accomplish?

The band is currently working on more material and upcoming shows. We hope this time next year we will perform in the U.S and Europe promoting a new record.

Head below to check out Achley Bachley’s new album “Hooked”…


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