With sassy lyrics and undeniable vocals, the rising star is the pop powerhouse penning relatable tracks we can all empathise with.

Influenced by the likes of Miley Cyrus and Dua Lipa, rising star Cassa Jackson highlights the highs and lows of love with her glossy pop hits, balancing vulnerability with a self-assured edge and navigating the feelings of heartbreak and hurt set to playful visuals. Off the back of the release of “Suits U” and “Parallel Universe”, the artist is back with her attitude-filled anthem “Right Girl, Wrong Guy”. Discussing how it feels to be Overshadowed, a ball of insecurity, the singer honestly expresses her experience of a relationship gone wrong, her vocals brimming with pop-punk energy throughout this ultra-fun heartbreak banger.

Taking no prisoners, Jackson explains “It really frustrates me when people try to leave relationships and put it down to ‘right person, wrong time.’ This song is saying, ‘No, I’m not accepting that! Let’s be honest about why we’re over.’ The problem is rarely about being too young, it is usually about making no effort and not caring enough to stay. Singing this song to thousands of people in an arena is the best therapy to get over a bad romance!”

With a bright future and busy schedule ahead of her, the star-on-the-rise sat down to discuss her creative journey…

Hey Cassa! How are you doing?
Hey! I’m great thanks! Been very busy prepping for tour but I love it! How are you?

We love “Right Girl, Wrong Guy”! Tell us about the moment that inspired the track!
I remember the moment vividly when my boyfriend at the time came up with the phrase. It instantly struck me that this was his way of getting out of the relationship without taking any responsibility for the breakup. I realised that I was being fobbed off with this excuse. I don’t believe in ‘right person wrong time‘. If you are the right person for someone, timing is irrelevant. Chatting to friends since, I have discovered that this line is commonly used when someone want to extricate themselves from a relationship. So then I thought that needs to be a sassy breakup song and here it is!

You’re about to tour with Blue! How is it to get on the road at this stage of your career with a group that boasts longevity like that?
It’s amazing! I love Blue and used to listen to their songs all the time as a kid. If I could tell that little girl that I’m currently about to tour the UK at arenas with them I think she’d think it was a joke! The fact that they have had such a long and successful career is a real inspiration to me and I’m looking forward to learning from them on tour. (And singing my heart out to ‘One Love’).

What should fans expect from a Cassa Jackson show?
Sassy songs about relationships and breakups, a lot of oversharing and a good time. Be ready to get up a dance!

Your EP, of the same name, is due in January 2023. If you could sum up the project in one sentence, what would it be?
This EP takes is an empowering journey through the stages of a breakup, from heartbreak to acceptance and finally to relief due to the realisation that the relationship was fundamentally flawed and you have had a lucky escape.

We heard that you loved performing at school, but didn’t consider a career in the music industry. Can you tell us more about why that was?
When I was younger, I had no understanding of how the music industry worked and a career in music seemed to be as likely as flying to the moon. However, when I went to Hurtwood House for my A levels, my music teacher’s faith in me was wonderful. I cannot thank him enough for entering my song in a songwriting competition which led to me singing at Wembley Arena. Suddenly I realised that it is possible to walk on the moon! Also performing my own songs in the shows there definitely gave me confidence in my ability which kickstarted my career.

You take inspiration from the likes of Miley Cyrus, Halsey and Dua Lipa – melding the best influences of the pop landscape today! What’s your favourite song on your playlist right now?
At the moment I am obsessed with Tate Mcrae, every song of hers is incredible – catchy and well written. I’d say my favourite one right now is still ‘She’s all I wanna be’ and I always run to it in the gym!

You’ve also got a First class Honours degree in French and Spanish! Are there any ends to your talents? Do you think we’ll ever hear you trying your hand at a song in one of those languages?
Haha thank you! Languages has definitely been a very useful degree. I often write a verse in Spanish and I love the challenge of making it scan. I already have a version of my song ‘Dear Mum’ in French, called ‘Chère Maman’, but I definitely plan to do more. Some of my music is definitely inspired by my time living in Madrid. I love reggaeton music and you can hear this in my song ‘I’m Okay Until I Think’, where we used a beat inspired by reggaeton.


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