We sat down with the up-and-coming Country star to talk inspiration, self-worth, and working with her partner.

Hailing from Alabama, Tiera Kennedy is being hailed as a fresh new talent in the Country music scene. Breathing new life into the genre, fans across the country resonate with her earnest songwriting and sonic skillset. After blazing onto the scene with her self-titled debut EP, Kennedy has been pinned as one to watch – and for good reason.

Often partnering up with her husband, creative director Kamren Kennedy, love and feel-good vibes ooze out of every pore of her work. Cultivating her talent since she could stand, Kennedy is steadily carving out a place for herself in the vast Country music scene. Even the iconic Shania Twain has stepped up to champion this young talent, which just goes to show that people are really taking notice.

In “Alabama Nights”, a triumphant harmonica introduces Kennedy’s tender voice as it interacts playfully with melodic guitars; and an almost nostalgic feel takes hold of the song. She’s without a doubt an unparalleled talent in the Country music landscape, and we had the privilege of sitting down with the rising star and picking her brains. From radio play, to therapy – we covered a wide range of topics in this tell-all.

Head below to read at our enlightening interview with Tiera Kennedy…

Last year you independently released your debut self-titled EP – what made you decide to do this and tell us about the process?

“Found It In You” was the first song I released off of my EP, and I had no idea it would have the reaction that it did. I didn’t have an EP in mind when I wrote those five songs, I was just writing music I loved, and that made me feel good – but when it was time to put the project together, it was the exact vibe I wanted for my first project.

You recently released a new song “Alabama Nights.” How has growing up in Alabama shaped you? What are your favorite things about your hometown?

I was definitely one of those people that was trying everything to get out of my hometown. When I was living in Alabama, all I wanted was to get to Nashville. But I feel like I love my hometown so much more now that I’ve moved away. I started out signing in Birmingham, AL – at restaurants, festivals, anywhere I could. I started my journey as an artist in Alabama and met so many people in and out of the music business that shaped who I am as an artist.

You’ve been called “one of Nashville’s most promising young singer/songwriters” and publications have raved about your music being “pure, catchy upbeat story-telling.” How have these things impacted you?

I’ve always been more drawn towards upbeat songs when I write because I want people to feel good when they listen to my music. I think about the music I listen to in my car and it’s always something with a groove, so I really try to convey that in my music.

Your debut single “Found It In You” is inspired by your relationship with your husband and creative director Kamren Kennedy. Tell us about the song, and how is it to work with your partner?

My husband and I have worked together since the very beginning of our relationship. That’s actually how we met in the first place. I had just gotten a new camera to film YouTube covers with and he offered to help, and we’ve been together ever since. We have an absolute blast working together and thankfully we have very similar tastes, so I trust him more than anyone. Beyond work, he’s such an amazing partner and that’s what “Found It In You” is all about. He makes me a better person every day and is everything I always wanted and never knew I wanted in a partner. I feel like everyone has that kind of person in their life and my hope is that they think of them when they listen to “Found It In You.”

“Found It In You” already has over 18 million streams and you’re just getting started. What is next for you and where do you dream to end up?

More and more music! “Found It In You” is just the beginning and I just can’t wait for people to hear the rest of what I’ve been writing.

Where were you when you first heard your music playing outside of your home?

In the car! Bobby Bones and Amy Brown played one of my songs on the Women of iHeart Country station! I’ve always dreamed of having my song on the radio, and hearing it on there was really cool.

What do you do when you’re struggling? How do you cope with the ups and downs of the business and life?

Therapy is my lifesaver. There’s always some kind of hurdle in the music business, and just life in general, so it’s helpful to be able to turn to someone to talk it through. I used to completely bottle up my emotions to the point where I couldn’t even write about what I was going through, but recently I’ve found healing through that. Life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows and I’ve found it incredibly liberating to write about it with my closest co-writers.

Tell us about your fave fashion and style?

Whether it’s onstage or everyday wear I like to be comfortable. I’m not a super high heels kind of girl. I prefer a good pair of boots with a low heel. I’m also a big fan of blazers with a casual twist. Comfort is always my first priority!

Who has had the most profound impact on your career to date and why? Which artists inspired you most?

Shania Twain has been such a big supporter of mine which is mind boggling I’m even able to say that. She invited me to be on her team on a show called Real Country that I did a few years back and she’s been a champion of mine ever since. I recently got to make my Ryman debut honoring her at the ACM Honors. It means a lot to have her in my corner. Some advice she gave me that I’ve always carried in the back of my mind is to always stay true to who I am as artist – no matter what anyone else wants me to be. She’s paved the way for artists like me that colour a little outside of the country music box, and I’m grateful to have someone like her to look up to.

What is your favorite thing about being a musician and what would you like your fans to know they may not know already?

Seeing the reaction people have to my songs is one of the most special things about being a musician. I write music about what I’m going through personally, hoping it resonates with people. It’s not always easy laying your emotions out for everyone to see but it’s so rewarding seeing the way it makes people feel.

Head below to check out Tiera Kennedy’s new single “Found It In You”…